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Dunhill Nightcap Pipe Tobacco Review

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Dunhill Nightcap is the grand daddy of English Blend Pipe Tobacco’s. What is an English Blend pipe tobacco you ask? Well simply put, it is an tobacco blend that doesn’t use flavorings. Back in the day, England had tobacco purity laws that prevented English tobaccoria’s from adding things like cherry, vanilla or other flavors common in aromatic pipe tobacco’s. Instead, they would use different tobacco’s cured with different methods to get different flavors. One of the more common tobacco’s used was Latakia tobacco from the Balkans. Although some people call Latakia heavy tobacco blends Balkan blends, most people call them English blends. Dunhill Nightcap is a blend of Virginia, Oriental, Latakia, and perique tobacco’s. It has a strong, bitter, and spicy flavor that isn’t for the novice.


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  1. If you think this is good try J.F Germain's special Latakia flake it is outstanding, and Germains are known only to source the best Tobacco's. Plus it is made in Britain.

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