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Dunhill Lighter Guide 1

Posted by in Lighter Review

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A guide to the basics of Dunhill lighters. An in-depth repair guide to follow.

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  1. Thanks man, you're the best. I bought two non working dunhills that I got working thanks to your help. I've always wanted a Dunhill, they are my favorite possessions. You're the only Dunhill repair guy on youtube who speaks English. The others speak Chinese or not at all.

  2. Thanks for the video , but my problem with the needle valve is when i open the lighter no gas coming , please advise , thanks

  3. I was carry one of several Dunhill Lighter in the yard while I doing some heavy duty work. It initially looked like the cap was twisted and the cap would not go all the way down, but as I looked inside the cap and the piston on the right has dug under the little plate that says Dunhill. so I need to know how to disassemble the cap and piston area to understand the where the problem is or do I send it to a professional to repair. I would really like to do all my lighter repair, otherwise it is 135 to send it off.

  4. I'm a Mexican person, and my English is not well, so, can you tell me if the guy sells the valve ?
    And, would you pass my the direction of the seller

  5. Can you give me the link for the guy with the oring kit

  6. Excellent and informative video, I have a rollagas I bought 30 years ago and watching this video gave me the confidence to follow you and give it a good service, I was even able to replace the filter for the gas, I used a cigarette filter which I cut to measure, works like a charm! Many thanks for posting. maybe you should get a go pro and strap it to your head, then you don't need to worry about the camera, we see what you see. Looking forward to more videos, make one about the gas valve, thats a good idea! Cheers!!

  7. Over your comment of fakes..I found that intresting. I have afew Dunhill Rollagas i found them better than my dupont…but back to your point of fakes.i have actually never seen a fake dunhill lighter and yes I have googled it before, however I have seen enough fake duponts to last me 6 lifetimes. love the hob nail version.

  8. Good Stuff 👍🏾 Thanks for sharing

  9. So glad you made this video it has helped me immensely.

  10. I have what I believe is a copy of one of these lighters. It says, "Fox Junior" by "Windmill". I have filled it, inserted the flint and it sparks and holds gas but doesn't light. No gas seems to be coming out of the needle. Any suggestions?

  11. I just bought a dunhill lighter on Ebay, I was concerned about maybe having to fix it or sending it out to be fixed. But after finally finding someone that knew what , they were doing and explained so well and showing what makes things work. I am ready to fix mine if I have to. Your video was the very best. Thanks By the way I'm 78 year old women and you made me feel I can do this, with your guiding me!

  12. Thank you very much for the great video. I wish more people would be so well informed and organized prior to offering how to videos.

  13. Oh dude. I've always wanted a Dunhill but I can't afford a new one. I found one at a fleamarket. Some guy sold me a Dunhill Rollalite for $20. Thank you! Please help me in the days to come. Good upload!

  14. This is why YouTube is so great. Thank you!

  15. My Dunhill will not light. The valve does not raise and open when the lid is opened. Seller said to clean with a tooth brush but that did not help. Can I pull it up with a small pair of tweezers to try and loosen it. Or should I try lubricating it? If so with what kind of lubricant. Thanks for your help!

  16. Great video, thanks mate

  17. Thanks so much for posting this excellent video!

  18. Cant thank you enough for such a informative video, just what i was looking for to restore my late fathers Dunhill lighter.

  19. Are there any similar videos for the Dunhill longboy? I started to disassemble and the insides are different.

  20. Thank You very much! With this help I made my Dunhill running again.

  21. this is the best youtube instruction video I have ever used

  22. Recently purchased one of these and struggled with it for a week, this video was a huge help getting a needle value/butane control situation figured out. Thanks!

  23. Really enjoyed the video please do more thank . I think you are a natural at this and it was really informative and helpful.sean

  24. So, you say there are no fakes, because they are ''so intricate'', but people copy ROOLEX etc, and one knows they are very intricate indeed… So, how does your argument stand up?

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