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Dunhill Flake: Virginia Pipe Tobacco

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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Reflections on Dunhill Flake. I wouldnt say this is a review. I am not that good at reviewing tobacco…


  1. Little kids shouldn’t make pipe vids. Smokin in a tree house really?! 

  2. You are a Tool of the highest magnitude. Tool, tool, tool, tool, tool!

  3. @SamuraiPirate88 Thanks man. Really enjoying the videos. Im trying to get
    through some of your old ones. And I will check that out. Thanks. -Anthony

  4. @PipeinItUp yup the baccy aint half bad either…make a video soon!!!

  5. i liked your intro – hallo friends and enemies!

  6. lovely.

  7. I forget did you do an exterior shot of the tree house? I remember seeing
    the view out of the tree house. IRC is available in Virginia? I didn’t know
    that. I’ll have to check on that. I really like the EMP, very mild and
    smooth but not flat. Has some complexity. 965 also on my top 5. You know
    that flip phone does a pretty good job. thanks Gregg

  8. I’m a big Va and Va/Per fan and have a tin of this sitting at home. I’m
    hoping to age it for a few years at least. Thanks for the vid!

  9. How is dunhill flake? Ive never had a strait virginia flake. I heard
    dunhill is good. But It is rather expensive. I want to try it. But like I
    said its rather expensive. -Anthony

  10. This kid reminds of the guy who sucks at school but becomes a millionaire

  11. @truckpipe I don’t believe I shot an exterior of the tree house. I guess I
    should because sooner or later its gonna snow!

  12. @pipeandabook It very good, the best way I can describe a pure virginia is
    it has a lemony touch to it sort of. I am not the best at describing
    tobaccos, but I do say I am getting better. If you are worried about the
    price, I would go on the Iwan Ries website and order their virginia flake
    which is a lot cheaper.

  13. im dying to try dunhill flake my friend……enjoy the baccy!

  14. love that canadian by the way……

  15. @pipeandabook Thanks! I really appreciate it!

  16. I really like that pipe man

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