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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. Hello Ben, la loi anti-tabac has passed in 2006 (from my research), so I assume the Light Flake tin must have come out of the shelves around there!

  2. I prefer the cube cut, havnt mastered the fold and stuff yet. I always enjoy your reviews, great video!! 👍👍
    All the best -John

  3. What a great pipe you have there Ben! Great video.. Greetz

  4. My grandmother, mother, and aunt are all Virginias so, yeah I'd have to say I like Virginias. You said your good buddy Jeremy suggested bringing it with you to the Chicago Pipe Show to share if you get there. Jeremy who? Jeremy Larsen, Jeremy of Motorcycles, Tobacco and Alcohol, help me out here. And don't worry about the dog and kids disturbing my viewing of the video, I'm already disturbed, or so some say. Always fun to watch you. But then again I'm a little bit of a "flake" myself, or so some say too. # )

  5. Words such light, mild, low and etc on tobacco packets have been banned since 2001 in Europe, but I don't know when it came that in America…maybe a little later…nice review and keep on good videos. Greetings from Grecce. Lefteris

  6. Ben, nice review and all excellent points. Yes, fold this baby. I have a question, if you don't mind: can you guys order tobacco from the States and receive it in Canada without having to pay any taxes etc at customs? I've heard that tobacco there costs twice as much as it does here. Be well, man, and thanks ~James in Texas

  7. The beard looks good, buddy. Nice review. I'm gonna have to dip into that jar… Haven't had any in a while. Take care, Ben

  8. Toasty bread+ creaminess= toasted marshmallows 😂😂 at least that's what my brain tells me with yummy dark Virginia's. Great review brother. Fold n stuff all day. ✌ 😮 that's an awesome old tin you got! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it. You'd better make it down to Chicago!

  9. Cool review. Sounds like a real nice smoke.

  10. Yeah I like to fold and stuff mine too I think this tobacco is perfect for that method great video brother

  11. Awesome video!! I've never even thought of cube cutting my Virginia flakes!! Thank you for the advice.

  12. Nice videos I’ve leaned quite a bit from you in the last day or so. Going to be ordering everting thing I need to start smoking a pipe soon! Thanks for all the info. Cheers from Texas

  13. Hi Ben! Nice to see you 😉 great review!

  14. super review of a very nice smoke. May your pipe be full and your matches dry.

  15. Great video brother Keep on keeping on… nice to see ya

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