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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. I thought that i was the only one underwhelmed by Dunhill blends. Glad to know that I'm not alone!!!!

  2. Tade, cracker barrel  here in the UK is a brand of cheese I don't know if you were referring to that. If its any comfort to you I don't like cracker barrel either (the UK version) its a horrible  processed cheese  that's akin to rubber OK happy smokes   Kev

  3. I won't disagree with you about the Dunhill blends either. I'm not sure what the big skip-pity du dah is about it. The Night Cap was all the rage. I guess because all the cool kids thought so. I barely survived the tin. I suppose if you like the "earthy" tones… (Just a side note; "earthy" is just a trendy code word for dirt.)

  4. That's the same way I felt about Esoterica Stonehaven flake. I prefer Peter Stokebys luxury twist flake.

  5. I really like the classic tin design….and Elizabethan Mixture…pretty much it. G.L Pease yes please + Sam Gaw+Conel&Diehl etc…the good stuff haha

  6. Whoa there, Skippy! Ease up on the gravy. Even Grainger would be tasty smothered in gravy.

  7. 0 dislikes, Dunhill will not be missed.

  8. Great review Liner. Thanks a lot.

  9. Hi Tade, I'm with you, I don't find Dunhill very inspiring, very monotone, at the moment I'm smoking some GL Pease Maltese Falcon and some tobacco called Maltan, I think its made by Gawith & Hogarth.  If you've never tried either I suggest you give them a whirl.  Ok buh-bye now   Kev

  10. i can't wait for the day that you review briarworks…bacon old fashioned!!!!that will be something!!!that will be out of this galaxy!!

  11. Hold on a minute – People EAT at Cracker Barrell?

  12. There are plenty of other dark flakes out there that aren't blahhhhhh like Dunhill Dark. You can't go wrong with McClelland or even Wessex dark flakes comparatively

  13. YES! venture out of the dunhill blends -find that youve been missing true tobacco bliss!

  14. But its dunhill. Dont we have to adore it?! Dunhill doesnt grab me either. Dont get the hype.

  15. Hi Sir, well , as for this or other Dunhills your statement may be very correct,Dunhill blends have their high and constant quality thats for sure,but nothing so special versus what they cost, in the meantime I'd be curious to heard your veridict on Dunhills Ol Ye Signe and The Standard Mixture,,this standard was beforedays my standard' but no more since not smoking no Latakia blends, Thank You and have a great weekend, see you soon, Paul

  16. You say throw the briar pipes away . I say yes grab a Cob . You say No Grab a Meerschaum.. Great job as always. Keep it Lit and God Bless

  17. Elizabethan, DNR, Aperitif, London mix are all home runs with me but EMP, Nightcap and Flake are overrated in my book.

  18. I'm smoking it right now Tade. It's delicious!!

  19. I smoke 3 or 4 tins of London mixture a year and I crave it at times. it's smother with a age even just a couple years. none of the other Dunhill blends really blow my hair back but I am bald so I don't know if that might have something to do with it.

  20. another fine review May your pipe always be full and your matches dry.

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