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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. I am brutal with my pipes. It is why I never spend more than $100 on a pipe tops. I use cobs at work.

  2. OK I might have to give it a try. If I'm ever at the tipping point like you. Cool vid buddy. Kirk

  3. like the Navy Flake, may have to give the Drexel a try, thanks

  4. Great review. I just ordered some to even out my package n its pretty good, quality simple Va/Per fake. Cheers! Live long and puff on

  5. Haha… nice one. I usually shell out for another full tub of velvet when I'm a couple bucks under the sweet spot for for free shipping. I was wondering about the Drexel stuff too. Thanks Tade!

  6. I have 2 older Dr. Grabows and love them both. Got them for a steal at an antique show.

    Man, I tried McClelland Red and Black the other day and it is phenomenal. I'd love to see you review it.
    It is red virginia flakes and dark virginia flakes put in the tin together. They're not pressed together, they're separate flakes just tossed in the tin together. Very nice transitions when you smoke them together. You can taste when it goes from one to the other.

  7. Ya know, I was just wondering what the SmokingPipeLiner was smoking! Perfect timing.

  8. Excellent review Liner. Congrats. I liked it so much. Thanks a lot.

  9. Explain how you stuff a flake, what type/style pipe do you use, and why. SeeeeYaaa

  10. Is it "Palette Worthy"? ;-)

  11. Thanks for the entertaining review!

  12. Please review the new Burning Apostate blend from JohnCo, i hear it is filled with Red Virginia and tears of liberals

  13. Been there, adding something last minute to get the free shipping, LOL! Nice video, my friend!

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