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Drew Estates Deadwood Sweet Jane Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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It’s not every day that something truly unique happens in the wide world of cigars, which is what makes Drew Estate’s Deadwood so interesting. Let’s see how this cigar does in a full review.

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  1. Love this line and flavored cigars are fine with me. It’s nice to mix these in or with a coffee in the morning

  2. I dont care for the sugar tipped sticks.( feel like im in a Skinamax After hours video). Seems like I cant shake the sugar tainted flavor and get to enjoy the possible notes. Sounds like you had same issue.

  3. Great Cigar, Keep them Commin

  4. Love the fat bottom betty!

  5. Sweet Jane was ok, crazy Alice was again ok, BUT I loved the Fat Bottom Betty.

  6. Very accurate review. Nice cigar for a change of pace but definitely not my go to. Well done.

  7. Currently smoking her Fat Bottomed sister while watching your video, Tim. You lit up the wrong girl. You know damn well FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS MAKE THE ROCKIN’ WORLD GO ROUND!!!

  8. It's double sided closed end? Tim, check out the
    "3 match" way of lighting it. I'll resend you the link for Youtube.

  9. "CAVENDISH" tobacco is the most common of the pipe tobaccos. I'm wondering if anyone can confirm if it is used in Deadwood cigars?

  10. Had a fat bottom Betty. The flavor or aroma to me, was an ace band aid. I think I could of been better without the sweetened tip. Great for a beginner in my opinion.

  11. So would this be as close you can get to a better black and mild?

  12. Thanks for the honest review Tim. Appreciate your honesty. I'll probably pick up a couple out of curiosity. Why not?!

  13. Love your channel, +1 sub from me. I live in the UK and cigars are comparatively expensive compared to stateside with the insane amount of tax we have, while I can enjoy the occasional smoke I mostly just enjoy cigars vicariously through your channel lol. 🙂 May God bless you and your business!

  14. Doesn't sound like it's for me . But great reviews as always

  15. I prefer Fat Bottom Betty of the 3 Alice, Jane and Betty… you should give the other 2 cigars Deadwood makes besides those 3 ladies and see what you think. I actually have a picture of them on my Instagram

  16. Also, just a general heads up to my fellow cigar fans who like to travel. Do NOT pack a torch lighter (carry on or checked luggage). I just had TSA take my two torch lighters. ..super bummed 😣 👎

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