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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. I’ve never quite understood the cherry flavour thing. Maybe in yoghurt I
    suppose. Anyways, thanks for risking that pipe on a review for us!

  2. Hello & another fine video, seems the aromatic road is long & winding with
    many ups & downs! As you know I recomend ‘Troost’ an aromatic cavendish,
    but I wouldnt say it an aromatic!, jus a great tasting smoke. Liking that
    pipe v nice, hope it dont reek of cherry!
    Thanks n regards MJS

  3. I hope it doesn’t disappoint! But I look forward to your honest & frank
    opinions as always 🙂
    Regards MJS

  4. I’ve had the Heirloom Cherry & I didn’t care for it,never tried the others.
    There are just so many tobaccos out there now it’s hard & expensive to
    figure which ones to try!……….Mark

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