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Drew Estate Natural Larutan Dirt cigar review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Drew estate natural Larutan dirt torpedo cigar review
Drew estate Larutan dirt cigar review
Drew estate natural cigar review

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  1. Love this format! Think I prefer it better even.

  2. Just recently got serious about cigars so your channel is perfect right now. I'm a big fan of pairings. I've always looked for food, wine/beer/whiskey pairings and now hope to find good cigar w/ beer/whiskey pairings. If you have any of those recs that would be awesome! But nonetheless, great channel and keep up the good work!

  3. Like the new format, but either way great reviews Tatum. Keep them coming.

  4. D E is a great cigar company. Things you can count on from DE cigars, Great construction, Great draw and great foot smoke. Enjoy.

  5. I’m gonna have to see if my local tobacconist has these, they sound really refreshing! I’m just getting into the cigar world but so far my favorite from drew estate is the acid green, the Sumatran wrapper just tastes incredible to me.

  6. Great job on the review Tatum..I will support whatever format/style you make. Thumbs up from me always πŸ˜„

  7. I'll make a D.E recommendation… full disclosure it too has sweetened tip… (though in my experience the sweetened tip does diminish in sweetness very quickly)
    Drew Estate Deadwood Tobacco Co; Sweet Jane… using aged tobacco that has been aged almost as long as pipe tobacco…

    Like the new format!

  8. Are you ordering cigars online or do you go to a cigar store

  9. Oh and on this cigar, which I used to love when I started out, tastes like funnel cake from the fair, to me. πŸ™‚

  10. I like the live over voiceover. TRY "ROOT" in the larutan line, it's not sweetened. Also NDB is natural dirt blend, just in diff shape. Also ENGLISH is same dirt blend. In the larutan line, which changed name due to some copyright lawsuit. If you have any cigar questions hit me up I'm a walking encyclopedia. Love your reviews. Keep it up!

  11. From the natural line I like the pimp sticks. I love most of the non infused drew estates. No dancing? 😒

  12. Nice change from the voice over, very engaging. Thanks.☺

  13. If I had to vote, I like the voice over…something different. Still a good video. You make me want to bring my wife to the shop for a smoke… up until you murder the cigar with knife at the end! πŸ˜‰

  14. My honest opinion about the format is that I like your original format because it was different than any other reviewer and when you do a live you're just like the rest of us. and I like that yours was narrated and then you just get to act silly inbetween while you're explaining the cigar, but you could do both and mix it up.

  15. My favorite Drew Estate stick is the CI Legend by Drew Estate. Great smooth smoke in the morning or after dinner.

  16. Either format is fine, though this new one is refreshing.

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