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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Drew Estate Java Mint Robusto Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Drew Estate Java Mint Robusto Cigar Review This 5.5×50 stick features a box pressed dark chocolate mottled wrapper with a glove soft oily texture, minimal ve…


  1. He did not do this cigar any justice. I smoke these Java Mints all the time
    and it’s one of the best cigars I’ve ever tasted. I will admit the mint
    flavor is not strong more on the java side like he said, but it is great!.
    The amount of smoke is GREAT. I don’t get the sugar tast he’s talkinga
    about in the begenning. Holds up good.

  2. I’ve never remembered tasting sugar from this.

  3. I just tried this cigar for the first time. I have to agree with everything
    you say. I love it, I would definitely buy a few more sticks and share them
    with some buddies. :)

  4. Love this cigar.

  5. @MaxWylde It’s not like you think it is. It is an infused cigar but it’s
    not like super sweet. The mint comes through in a very subtle way sort of
    like how you eat a thinmint cookie or a peppermint patty. It’s not super
    sweet and the flavor isn’t super noticeable. In my opinion anyways.

  6. Love your videos, i tried this cigar before and loved it. One thing that no
    one does that i would love to see, is a comparison to what cigars are in
    the same class to the one your review. Just in case someone (like me) loves
    this cigar and would like to try other in that class too.

  7. I tried this the other day and I loved it. Absolutely loved it.

  8. The kuba delux acid was good

  9. Generally, I’ve never had a bad cigar from Drew Estate or Rocky Patel, but
    this one doesn’t sound like something I’d enjoy. Not that you did anything
    to put it down, but I’ve never liked any attempt to add sweetness and
    infused flavors in a cigar. I like them full-bodied with a lot of flavor
    that comes from the natural process of blending tobacco and fermentation.
    Still, because it’s a Drew Estate, I’ll give it a try.

  10. Forgot to mention that this cigar is actually a Rocky Patel that is rolled
    and distributed by Drew Estate.

  11. Personally I can’t stand infused cigars.

  12. Just tried one, hated it! ! I’ll stick with the Drew Estate Liga’s!

  13. I haven’t tried the mint, but I thoroughly enjoy the others in the line.

  14. That is his actual backyard 🙂 He films them all there

  15. Not a fan at all of drew estate cigars. The undercrown is the only one IMHO
    worth enjoying.

  16. I had the Latte version of this and I wasn’t that impressed. I could taste
    the sweetness in the first third but it just got boring from then on.

  17. whoa dude, nice depth of field, what kind of lens are you using?

  18. Nice review dude.

  19. Damn right on the smoke output! I made the mistake of lighting up a Java
    maduro indoors once……..I didn’t remain indoors for long!! 🙂

  20. Personally,, I have had several nice flavored cigars.. I just like
    variety.. thanks for the reviews

  21. I prefer the Tabak Especial coffee infused line by Drew Estate. I’m more of
    a traditional cigar smoker, but enjoy the coffee infused smokes too.

  22. Doesn’t sound like a pleasant cigar)))))

  23. MOTHRA!

  24. Great review as always

  25. Regular cigars will always taste like tobocco, just with nuances of the
    coffee or chocolate that they pick up from the blend and fermentation. It’s
    by no means pronounced. Try a flavored cigar if you’re looking for a very
    definitive taste.

  26. All of your Drew Estate videos are so long! They must be so interesting,
    i’m going to try one some day. So much smoke!

  27. the thing about Drew….they make something for every one….some of the
    infused are too much for me, But….I do like the Kuba Kuba and the
    Toast…..but if I could only pick 1……it would be the T52 Liga……
    Lately I been liking the Kristoff Sumatra and Alec B Sun-Grown.

  28. Love to see a review on the perdomo 20th sun grown

  29. So what would you say are some cigars that are mild/medium bodied that have
    a chocolate/coffee/ taste either infused or not. Sweeter cigars that have
    minimal to zero pepper taste. My husband is trying to get me to enjoy them
    with him but I hate how his taste.

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