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Drew Estate FSG Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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FSG new release from Drew Estate Cigars

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  1. This video marks 462! It has taken me a while but I have now watched all 462 videos you have posted. There were several I watched a few times each. Great, honest reviews. I have built quite the shopping list based on your recommendations. I think I will run out of $ to buy cigars before I run out of your great video's. Keep up the great work!

  2. I'm not really a drew estate lover, but i'd try a 5er of these. I am enjoying a 1st run of Black Label Trading Company Bishops Blend this morning gifted to me by my friend Patrick. Its yummy and quite a bit different than the 2nd or 3d runs of this blend.
    good video D thanks.

  3. Drew Estate is killing it with their lineup. Basically the best lineup, I have said this on other videos, they may not have the very best individual cigar, but as a line up, it is best bar none.

  4. Another great review

  5. Drop-dead gorgeous!!!!….by the way great video and info.

  6. Yay your reviewing a local cigar here in Orlando, FL. Shout out to @CoronaCigarCo my spot to pick up my sticks.

  7. Vixen you get more lovely with every cigar review you put out. Great video as always!

  8. Delicia, you should definitely try Warped Cigars. It is my favorite brand and he makes amazing cigars. It is something you will not regret. Flor del Valle or is limited variation the Skyflower are amazing. Medio Tiempo is my favorite tobacco now, from Casa Fernandez.

  9. Another great review you have to tell us the something funny that came to mind

  10. Another great review! Would love to see a review of the Monte by Montecristo AJ Fernandez!

  11. Nice watch what watch u wearing

  12. Was the joke flaming sex God?

  13. Do u have any reviews of avo ?

  14. Sounds good. Thanks for sharing the info sweetie. Thumb's up!~John

  15. I noticed that some of the cigars I have after peeling the band do I see drew estates on the inside

  16. Hi Delicia! Can't beat your honesty herein; hence why I love your thorough, unbiased and comprehensive reviews. Thanks again & Salud 😊🥃

    PS: how about a Drew Estate review like the one you shared you'll be doing on various AJF lines. I think that'd be so cool and definitely get a lot of views/likes. Whatcha think? 🤔

  17. Great review & I appreciate your honesty about the FSG

  18. And again an informative and well done video. Keep it up !

  19. Been to the farm in Clermont Florida where they grow the tobbacco. Thought it was a awful cigar. Farm is owned by the owner of corona cigar lounges.

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