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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. Do not mix up with Draw Poker the game lol

  2. @hatsan38 Thanks sometimes you get a knot in the tobacco and there is no
    other way to clear it . Just like when you buy cheap tobacco for cigarettes
    you can tell right away

  3. I’m 23 and don’t smoke and never have. I would like to learn to smoke a
    cigar for special events. What a good brand you recommend for a beginner?

  4. Man I hate it when a good smoke is plugged. Never used a draw poker but if
    I smoked more bet I would. My current fav is the Baccarat. Sorry you can’t
    anymore, I used to smoke one on the boat too. Also nothing beats kicking
    back under a Tiki Hut, cold corona and a ‘gar.

  5. @joesphx19 2 out of 3 aint bad πŸ™‚ You know it could be worse

  6. @IDudeIDaryl1 I used to be pretty good hand rolling in the day πŸ™‚ Thanks
    for watchin πŸ™‚

  7. @bigjohn20081983 You know it ,have a great weekend

  8. Once they are lit you are done . I have cut a cigar in half to get rid of
    the knot a hundred times . It depends on how much you love your smoke :)))

  9. @harr77 I hear ya

  10. Great tool!

  11. that ciger poker is nice ill have to check them out i hate buyin a 10 buck
    cigar and it eaither fall apart when i cut the tip off or like you said
    just cant smoke it cause it wont draw i normaly get rocky patels

  12. damn that suck that you can’t enjoy any cigars… does it specifically
    causes damage to the mesh?

  13. Great video

  14. I’m not a big cigar smoker…and if I do smoke em, its usually Swisher
    Sweets…Cheap and ok for what I would want. Great advice though.. I’m
    going to have to remember that!

  15. Thanks

  16. @willwood487 I’ve been so tempted to fire one up πŸ™ It was something I
    really enjoyed and could enjoy by myself . Dee would always tell me to put
    that damn thing out ! I never did πŸ™‚

  17. @snowblind9094 I was told it would destroy it . My problem is that I inhale
    when I smoke . I was never just a puffer πŸ™‚

  18. @MrDeleon9999 You got it , from a wet west coast of fla πŸ™‚ No eagles
    tonight storming πŸ™

  19. @sicarii1138 Hope it helps ya πŸ™‚

  20. I’ll do some cigar bids soon. I go way back like you. When can you smoke
    again? There are so many great full bodied cigars these days. New ones I
    mean. Lots of great Maduros. I’m split and like mild cigars as much as full
    bodied. Favs I would recommend if you haven’t tried are Man O War Virtues,
    Rocky Patel Decades, Davidioff Milleniums, and my old standby although rare
    and more and more expensive, Opus X Fuentes

  21. Thank you for advice

  22. @valuewhale I’m not a gambler work to hard for my money πŸ™‚

  23. @RobbieGTV Its one of my guilty pleasures . I really hate to give it up . I
    have a few I saved , just don’t want to risk my heath at this point . There
    was a day you wouldn’t see me without one in my mouth and a couple in my
    pocket or on the dash or the console of my boat . If I didn’t inhale them I
    could probably smoke them .Just not the way I smoked them . Thanks for
    watchin .

  24. @ryanjcus Thanks , the CT wrapper is a very sought out wraper on a cigar .
    A lot of cigars are full of different blends of tobacco .Thats what gives
    each one its own special taste . Hand rolled are really some to see done in
    person . I seen many made in Cuba and in Ybor city and in Miami and the Fl
    keys .

  25. Oh, and though people always talk about Cubanos, Dominican Cohiba Red Dots
    are really great and very similar. Especially the robustos. I like 50 rings
    a lot as well myself. In some sticks I like Coronas and other 40s ring
    sizes and even Lonsdales in some. But mostly I gravitate to Robustos and
    Toros and the equivalent Torpedos in those sizes.

  26. My Grandma and parents picked tobacco in CT when they were teenagers. You
    can see the fields on the way to Bradley airport. Don’t know much about
    cigars myself, but interesting vid.

  27. @lskw1 saved alot of cigars for me

  28. More of a cigar destroyer, and less of a draw poker. Brother, I assume by
    now you have gotten a good calibrated hygrometer, and are keeping your
    sticks happy. It breaks my heart to see a stogie destroyed like that.

  29. If your cigar is that dry in your humidor you might need a little more
    moisture in there

  30. So this mesh is a permanent thing then? You wont go back to at least a
    couple a week or something? I have been absent from here for a while so I
    missed what happens to you. PM me if you dont want to post it here or
    whatever. Just curious. Didn’t know anything happend to you.

  31. man it must suck havin all these cigars and not being able to smoke em.

  32. You absolutely ruined that cigar.

  33. It has worked fine for many years ,I haven’t smoked for a few years now :)))

  34. Great tips that whole bit the tip off and start smoking thing never did it
    for me.

  35. Thanks, I’m only about two years into my cigar adventures, and am still
    learning. I never knew about those before.

  36. @Lookinformemarbles My pleasure !

  37. @KryptKeeper40 Its a must have tool if you smoke cigars πŸ™‚

  38. That one u recommended early how much should it cost??? Got a cigar and
    knife store at my local mall. Don’t know about cigars but they got one hell
    of a mark up on knives.

  39. @zombiekillerjordan Go to a good cigar shop locally . Most have smoke night
    were the show case different cigars alot are for free . You can learn so
    much by doing that . Enjoy what ever you like . Its alot of fun .

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