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Double Review: Atomic Lighter vs Ever Light

Posted by in Lighter Review

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Today I put two electronic lighters to the test: Atomic Lighter and Ever Light. Can these replace old-fashioned lighters? That’s why I try to find out in this double review. Sorry if it’s a bit longer than my usual video, but I had a lot of ground to cover with two products!

These cost about $15-$20.

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  1. That Atomic Lighter looks like a Mini-Me of my stun gun…

  2. LOL-our grill had that problem too and i have watched hubby chuck matches at it til it lit!

  3. Thinks for the review. I won't be buying either one of those lighters.

  4. I like that everlight but the atomic lighter looks like a copy of other brands like plazmatic though I would like to see how the two brands compare.

  5. Hello James, if u can find this item " Shake N Egg" could u please put out a review video ? I'm wanting to see if it actually scrambles the eggs perfectlly as it states in the commercial! Thanks again

  6. ill stick with free matches

  7. Now I'm worried your a Fire Bug now!!!
    Baahhhaaa 不不不不不休休休休
    Not really, great video!

  8. seems like more of a hassle than just a good old bic.

  9. I have a usb lighter which has the dual arc's, and it has worked to light my cigarettes every time. I have never had to clean it either. I have not had any problems with it at all. (Kivors USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter Flameless Electronic Arc Lighter Plasma Double Arc Pulse Cigarette Metal Lighter)

  10. I have no use for a lighter, but "Birthday Pop Tart" was worth it!! LOL!

  11. Before I came across your channel I was a asotv sucker. Since I have been watching I can't tell you how much money I have saved!!

  12. Good review. Thank you James

  13. Get yourself a taser and will do same thing plus it will serve as a self defense tool.

  14. Fine review. (They both look like stun guns for tiny muggers ) ( subscribed)

  15. I may get this lighter and the ever light. A few years ago I bought a tiger arc lighter and it worked well but I would use it to roast bugs and now its starting to arc to the metal case. I may take out the HV circuit and hook it in one of my bug zappers and fry up some bugs. I had plans to power a CFL curly bulb with it as it works quite well but I found a broken camping light and it had a fluorescent light inside so I took out the inverter. It works well on a 6 volt lantern battery so I just need to find the right case.

  16. Thank you so much for the review fantastic as always…Won't be buying that. Lol

  17. I think these fall into a one of the biggest themes we see with infomercial type products: it uses a gimmick to change how a perfectly functional item works.
    Does it work? Sure. Is it necessary? Nope.
    Great review though!

  18. Atomic lighter probably won't work well for pipe smokers, but I've seen round tubular shaped plasma lighters that may work for pipe smokers.

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