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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Dona Flor Selecao Robusto Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Dona Flor Selecao Robusto Cigar Review This 5×52 stick features a dark chocolate slightly mottled wrapper with a very firm pack, minimal veins, tight seams, …

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  1. Thank you for pronunciate “Dona” correctly. Most of people say “Doña”.
    It’s portuguese goddamn it, not spanish.
    nice vid, btw.

  2. This babe is delicious, I love it.

  3. How much are the cigars that you buy

  4. why dont u review cubans? just out of curiosity

  5. Perhaps because he lives in the U.S. and they are hard to come by because
    of the ridiculous trade issues with Cuba. But he could have other reasons
    as well.

  6. I thought the gates of hell were opening behind you at 2:25 !

  7. The Dona Flor is a Brazilian brand that I’ve been looking for. Where can I
    pick one up at?

  8. Probably because they’re illegal in the states. Not that you can’t get
    em…. but you’re not supposed to…

  9. No guys, they are jut illegal to import. Not possess.

  10. Trust me… I’ve had cubans. All I’m saying is, that’s probably why he
    doesn’t review them… because they’re illegal

  11. Sounds like an excellent stick. I might have to pick one up. Thanks for the
    review 🙂

  12. Also he`s got a couple of Cuban reviews, however.

  13. in almost every review you mention ‘oily smoke’… what in the name of god
    is oily smoke?

  14. Reviewing a Cuban cigar on YouTube or any other format might involve
    problems that nobody wants.

  15. the texture of the smoke, like its viscosity etc

  16. Your over exposed. Just to let you know.

  17. maybe you should send him some.

  18. Where in Florida do u live?

  19. He’s said many times that he doesn’t review Cubans anymore because there’s
    no place that sells Cubans in the US. So why review a cigar that you can’t
    go buy legally in the States.

  20. theres ways easier than most think, you just have to think outside the box

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