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Don Tomas Maduro

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Review of the Don Tomas Maduro. Find more video reviews on

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  1. heh could be worse though lol could be one of those horrible century sams
    lol, bulk tobbaco with a cardboard wrapper soaked in tar 

  2. nice timing on the “thats what she said”

  3. great review, i just bought one of these but i had to pay $7 for it here in

  4. you bite your nails don’t ya

  5. Nice little bonus at the end, BAM Thats what she said! I bet you were
    thinking about saying that hahahahaha. Love your reviews, keep em coming!

  6. I just had one myself .. I liked it myself .. ill buy another one again ..,

  7. good review jerry

  8. This one’s too firm for me. lol. (Thats what she said.) I just finished the
    same cigar. You can get a nice draw from this when you cut it. Decent
    smoke, but nothing really stands out about it. I thought it was very mild
    for a maduro. I was just curious what others thought about it. Nice review.
    Keep up the good work.

  9. U’R the best cigar reviewer I’ve ever seen… tomorrow i’ll buy a porrow…
    cheers from italy…

  10. Great review, I just picked one of these up recently, I really enjoyed it.
    It was closer to the $5 range but they must have watched this and fixed the
    draw issue, because it was more on the loose side.

  11. I just had a Don Tomas for the first time the robusto maduro great cigar i
    think i might pick up a box

  12. whats with the lip?? lol looks like you used a magic marker, very badly lol

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