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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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cigar monster


  1. @TheMatrixPipe :im just messing with you……..those were the lyrics of a song and it sure does match the pipe……..its a pure beauty……good taste my friend…..

  2. @MrBlink182ishi

    Yeap, it's really big.
    Like a monster.
    A sav? What do you mean?

    Don Carlos

  3. shes a monster…..
    a beautiful monster……
    super super awesome?
    she a sav?

  4. @MrSmokeGuy


    Don Carlos

  5. @Naturainfinity

    Uh, uh, uh
    Beautiful, yes.

    Don Carlos

  6. Beautiful…and big! 😉

  7. @hjrosasq ha ha ha! brilliant!

  8. @hjrosasq

    Well, let me tell you.
    You need a big mouth for this kind of stem.
    But, I manage..ha,ha

    Don Carlos

  9. One question, do you go for this kid of stem or saddle? personally I prefer saddle.
    Beautiful piece.

  10. @KyDugong

    Thanks Alan.
    I really love the micro-blasted finish on this pipe
    Glad you like it too.

    Don Carlos

  11. @dunhillmanuk

    Thank you my good man.

    Don Carlos

  12. @Pipescratch

    Indeed a great looking pipe.
    Thanks Marc.

    Don Carlos

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