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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Dog Rocket Premium Cigar Review (A Cigars Daily Exclusive)

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Dog Rockets are one of our Cigars Daily Exclusive brands. Here is the full scoop on this blend. You can get Dog Rockets on sale here:

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  1. Just an FYI. I really don't think my shipment needed to have two boxes to hold one shipment. The inside box is strong enough that the thinner outside box is not necessary. Save yourself the $. Not sure what the cost of the outer box cost, but replace it with a free boveda instead. Thanks, Christian from Minnesota

  2. Are dog rockets exclusively through you? I can’t find them at my lounge.

  3. I’m looking to get a starter humidor, you still have the acrylic one in stock?

  4. Can you please tone down the enthusiasm just a bit? It feels so forced. Its one thing to be invested in what you do. But its another to try and copy the shills who plague youtube.

  5. Currently smoking an Ashton Churchill Classic, but I need to try the Dog Rocket

  6. Why do you yell during the intro? C'mon Tim!

  7. Nice honest review. I noticed on TNT you would give 3 dollar sticks 90 ratings. 😉

  8. Hey Tim (or anyone that knows the answer) quick question I’m interested in the new flavored bundle with coffee and stuff but I was wondering if it ok to keep them in my humi jar that has my acids in it? I know your supposed to keep flavored sticks away from regular ones but what about from other flavored sticks

  9. The prices on your website are they usd?

  10. I tried the Churchill variant. It was a bit too thin for my liking but I absolutely loved it. I'm probably gonna get a 12 pack of these next time.

  11. Love the dog rocket simple good smoke that is not to much for me lol think I may like it better then the liga zebra 🤔😆❤️ probably going to get allot of angry faces at that one 😂

  12. I bought a 5 pack, I am very happy with it. You don't have to think about it. Just relax and smoke.

  13. why do you have a confirm your are 21 thing on your site if the legal age to buy tobacco is 18

  14. The dog rocket surprised me when I lit it up. Really good flavor notes. I need to put it in my daily rotation for an every day smoke.

  15. Tim you have the absolute best exclusive cigars! My favourite is your lega muerte and your LEGA…ZEBRA!!!! LOL I have to say it like that now after that video of you in that costume. Roflo It was hilarious! But Tim you guys have a ton of new stuff in and I would love to see a review on some of them as well. Enjoy your weekend and keep it real.

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