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Djarum Black “cigar” review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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These have been a popular request for a while so here’s the review. Enjoy, and remember: Smoke Better, Smoke Less!


  1. When I buy these, I take the tobacco out and roll them in a cigarette
    roller. Out of the box they’re rolled way too tight and don’t have that
    cigarette draw. It works great.

  2. phucking tool

  3. gay

  4. @marbREDgirl i will never understand why they did it either. i thnk just to
    piss people off. or to discourage people from buying them they want them to
    buy marlboro and such. but as far as stopping people they should know thats
    not going to work. they made weed illegal but hell its still everywhere
    people still smoke it

  5. wtf are you listing to bro lmao x)

  6. hahahahaha fucked in the ass lol

  7. You are really buff mAn and I love your sideburns!

  8. A fully shirtless review would be excellent.

  9. I only smoke these and 5-12 a day.

  10. i hate how they changed them =/ i always buy a pack of blacks on my
    birthday and now it is like seriously i pay 8 bucks for 12 of them it is

  11. too much clove in djarum

  12. Getting a camera with better quality would be cool, but either way you make
    good vids.

  13. @wood2323 i imagine a sweating, bald overweight man in his fourties
    crouched over his screen posting that. does that make sense to you? i hope

  14. @wood2323 um, thanks?

  15. try wide screen, invest in a good camera and good lighting. also, DONT HIT

  16. Great review. I know in the UK and europe we have weaker cigs due to health
    and safety rules, only 10 mg of tar, 1 mg of nicotine, and djarum make cigs
    for our market, but would love to taste the full strength ones. It sucks
    that the usa banned flavoured cigs except menthol ones, what will they
    think of next.

  17. Nice vid dude MAKE MORE!!!!! 🙂

  18. You look like john travolta

  19. wow reallly nice and hot

  20. These are amazing lol they make me drool literally the butt gets soggy cuz
    they make me salivate if you lick your lips while your smokin it it tastes
    like sugar haha

  21. @joelmontoya33 They’re not really cigars, they’re only labeled as cigars in
    the U.S because of the ban on flavored cigarettes. Everywhere else in the
    world they’re labeled as Kreteks, or clove cigarettes.

  22. You have that certain something, style, presence, cnnection with your
    audience. Don’t over do it, you could become very hard to take. I love you
    just the way you are. Does this comment make sense to you? I hope so.

  23. Here in puerto rico these go for like 11 bucks.. :/

  24. are u gay ?

  25. brotha your not supposed to inhale thoughs there cigars!!!

  26. 4 bucks a pack? Yeah right. lol try 7.

  27. Mate, you have a nice face and a very good voice, turns me on….

  28. i hate that kind of cigarettes. Djarum is the worst brand i ever smoked.

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