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DIY Zippo Pipe Lighter

Posted by in Lighter Review

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Here’s my homebrew Zippo pipe lighter. As always with DIY, your results may vary, be careful and I’m sure this voids your Zippo warranty. And if you blow you…

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  1. Why is your head up-side-down

  2. Um yeah thanks for the tip I made my own Zippo lighter; but I can’t light
    my pipe with it for some reason. And I accidently put a wee bit too much
    Vasoline on the body and bam I had a fire ball. 

  3. all you need to do is email zippo and ask for a pipe insert. they are
    sending one to me at no cost. 

  4. that makes too much sense to add holes!

  5. Great tips there. Cheers

  6. Great job on the DIY project brother. I like yours way better than theirs.

  7. I was thinking about doing that this morning and I came across your video!
    thanks a lot!!

  8. Fantastic mod. I have heard that when you burn your finger you suppose to
    grab your earlobe and the pain will stop right away. I haven’t tried this
    yet because when I get burnt I always forget so I don’t know if its true or
    not. –Mark

  9. Dude, it looks like he it smokin weed

  10. I did the exact same thing with my zippo, kuddos

  11. do you think zipp;o will replace your insert if you messed up trying this?
    I tried it and completely destroyed the chimney and the cam.

  12. @banshee107 Thanks

  13. Hey Man, great idea. Gonna go down and Frankenstein my own zippo in a bit

  14. @darfirst HAHAHA yeah you can tell I’m real bright grabbin a hot zippo like
    that. I gotta remember the ear trick for next time cuz I know there will be
    a next time. Take care, Jay

  15. @pipeandabook Yes sir it is

  16. Damn bro that’s so creative I can’t believe I never thought of that.

  17. Cabin/shed, epic beard, pipe, classical music and some useful info, you sir
    are a boss

  18. Love your idear might try it since I have alot zippos I no longer use..I
    tend to use st Dupont nowdays. I had a question..alot of the videos from
    people there smoking Boswell christmas cookie, I’m getting the feeling I’m
    missing out on really worth trying? thanks.

  19. is that a fender hot rod tube amp in the back there?

  20. @winnabego I’ve heard you can mail your lighter back to zippo and they’ll
    give ya a pipe insert for nothing more than the cost of shipping. I’ve got
    a couple other zippos I was thinking about tying to see if it’s really true
    that they’ll give ya the insert. But that said it’s a lot more fun drilling
    your own holes hahah

  21. @standingonair777 Thanks for watching

  22. @curiosidadesextrano Sometimes right at the start but it goes away fast.

  23. good vid!

  24. cool video… thanks for sharing… going to garage to find drill and

  25. Thanks. Taker easy, Jay

  26. @megadeath22885 I find enjoyment from getting a buzz. :L

  27. yuck, zippo fuel, 🙁 a wooden match burning cleanly after “flare off” is
    best for false lighting and then lighting your pipe IMHO.

  28. @1fatbastard That’s a hell of a good idea. Hmm next time I’m gonna try

  29. Thts awesome cus u can still use it the original way

  30. What kind of drill did you use?

  31. thanks! great video!

  32. Nice idea friend! Personally, I prefer other lights mainly because if you
    inhale like me the Zippos make your blend taste like chemicals, but I still
    like the concept just for puffing and lighting your pipe. have a good one

  33. @gumdrops27 I don’t know if they would or not. You can mail your lighter to
    them and ask them to give you a pipe lighter insert. And I believe all you
    have to pay is shipping.

  34. just curious. what do you use as fuel in youre zippo i noticed it was
    extremely charred.

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