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DIY Acrylic Jar Humidor

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Let me show you how to save some money by making your own acrylic jar humidor!

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  1. Ive had that on my desk at work for while. Works great

  2. Brilliant. Gonna make me one. Cheers!

  3. Great idea mate. I only smoke a few cigars a month and I'm not spending a fortune on a humidor. Perfect for me. Thanks PP. I have subbed your channel. Regards, Kevin

  4. I just found your channel watching Michel Baruch video and came over to watch a few videos and give a sub , thanks for the info
    8 bucks at wal-mart its worth a try and I could use them for a lot of stuff , nice meeting you come see ole Berg when you get time

  5. Lol…I almost did the same thing when I saw those jars at Wal-Mart the other day for half the price…but the one's on line do come with the cedar bottom which is good and you don't have to make your own…of course you might not need that with the Gives a pack right?! Lol…great video compadre, thanks for sharing y vaya con Dios

  6. Alot of the cigar lounges have strips of cedar by the registers. Usually will give them to you for free

  7. If you wanted the cedar on the bottom you could just cut up an old cigar box. I'm pretty sure that wood would be OK depending on the box you get.

  8. Cedar will help keep your humidity. If you can get pieces of cedar I would Definitely recommend it. Keep em burning

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