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Diesel Hair of the Dog Cigar Review and Pairing with Buffalo Trace Bourbon –

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  1. I find that humidification makes a huge difference in cigars. I have had
    cigars that taste great in the store and not so great after time in my box.
    I have also had the opposite experience. Some cigars seem like they taste
    better at lower humidities and others when stored in higher humidities.
    Maybe I’m just a lunatic and don’t know what I’m talking about but I find
    that I enjoy almost every decent cigar I smoke when it’s stored at a proper
    humidity. For instance, I love the Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo
    and the Alec Bradley Maxx. Both of these cigars have really great dark
    coffee creamy tastes with the Maxx having more syrupy sweetness. I really
    enjoy these two cigars when I store them at 66-67%. When I store these two
    cigars in the 69-70% range, I find they lose their complexity. Or maybe my
    hygrometers are broken. 

  2. Your review was spot on.Of all the Diesels this is my go to smoke,next to
    the Wicked.

  3. I tried this cigar about 2 weeks after it became available. Since then,
    every time I smoke my everyday cigar (MOW Ruination), I wish it was a HotD.
    I’m afraid to come out and say its my all time favorite cigar, because I’ve
    had cigars like the Wicked, Unholy Cocktail, Puro Dominicana, Armada, ect.
    But out of all those great cigars, I would smoke a HotD most often. I’ve
    got one left in my humidor, and I’m saving it till I can get a deal on a
    box or two. Just waiting for those prices to drop.

  4. P.S. If you ever go to Buffalo Trace in kentucky, have a buffalo burger.
    They are amazing. Screw beef, buffalo is where its at!!

  5. so what other cigars would you suggest if you’re looking for that Tabasco
    flavor? it’s present to me in the kristoff sumatra, and to a lesser extent
    the old RP Edge Sumatra from a few years ago, but i really like that
    specific type of spiciness and would be grateful to know of more cigars
    which embody it as i haven’t had much luck finding it.

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