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Diamond Crown Maximus Cigar Review Ep42

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Cigar Review No.42 – Diamond Crown Maximus Pyramid No.3:

Welcome to The Dr. Joe Show. For the fourth and final part of our JC Newman Cigar Company brand history series, we’re reviewing the Diamond Crown Maximus, specifically in the Pyramid No.3 format.

The Diamond Crown Maximus was launched in 2003 in response to the popularity of the original Diamond Crown combined with the rising demand for stronger, more full bodied cigars. Like the original, the Diamond Crown Maximus line is made in the Dominican Republic by Fuente, using aged long filler Dominican tobacco. The big difference between the two is in the wrapper. The Diamond Crown Maximus uses a special “El Bajo,” Ecuadorian Sungrown wrapper in lieu of a USA Connecticut wrapper.

Sit back, relax, light-up and smoke with us, here at The Dr. Joe Show – “Pure Cigar Entertainment!”



  1. Does anyone know what happen to Joe? No videos for over a year….

  2. Sorry I meant vids. Damn autocorrect

  3. These kids are becoming beautiful, Joe! I'd love to see you do a review on Diamond Crown Julius Caesar.

  4. finally got one of these to try, I see what you mean about the blue cheese, salty tangy fucking delicious

  5. Watched many cigar review shows and I must say. Yours is by far the best. Very informative while not coming off sounding like a pretentious cigar snob. You dah man!

  6. Dr Joe,I had one at a bachlor party. IT WAS FINE.

  7. Hey Joe, how do you feel this cigar measures up against the VSG?? I just started watching the video, noticing the similarities (Ecuadorian Sun grown wrapper by Oliva, rolled by Fuente). Love the new intro and the new videos, glad you kept the same music though, its your official intro music now

  8. Dear Joe,

    I had a busy schedule so I just now watched the last episode on the J.C Newman brand. I honestly loved the whole series and the way you put it up.
    It has been a wonderfull experience. I am looking forward to your next video.

    Thank you once again brother and keep smokin' ,


  9. Ha. You got me, dude. I almost thought for sure the next one was gonna be the JC. Guess not. Now I have to go get a couple of these Maximus'. As for the vid, the production in this episode was great. It seems like you may have gotten a new camera too. This episode was definitely sharper and more hi def than any previous episodes. Whatever your doing, it's working, Joe. We'll be waiting for the next one

  10. Joe another great video and brand history , very interesting to learn of the partnership between Newman and Fuente . When are we going to see the winedoor episode . I'm in desperate need of one but want to see your vid first ! 

  11. Just keeps getting better and better!!!
    great, great episode..

  12. Great video! The work you put into it shows and the information and insight are top-notch…as usual.

  13. I never had any of JC Newman cigars, time to change that mistake. Like the new format progress in the videos is amazing Good Job Dr. Joe! Can you tell us how long Maximus was aged with or without cellphone. please?

  14. Once again another great episode highly informative great content and an honest review 

  15. Joe, another fine show, and I really like how your Video Quality has jumped way up there – everything is crisp and clear. Excellent Job!

    Great lighting and overall production, looks amazing my friend.

  17. Once again great show , I was going to say the smoke looks a little wispy but you brought that up at the final rating …. I will definitely have to find these to try them out …. Keep it up 

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