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Diamond Brand Lighter (Zippo) Fuel Tank

Posted by in Lighter Review

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This is a review of this cool item that Makk a youtube member has sent me…


  1. how long would the lighter fluid last with this tank and not using it
    often? Any experiences?

  2. So theoretically, one could close the “rayon cap” all the way. Thus
    preventing any leakage at all.

  3. @ Julius um u do know the chimney would be in the way right ?

  4. Did I miss something ? Why do all that ? I thought you said that this fuel
    tank could fit into the regular Zippo top ?? …thus having twice the
    If I have this wrong, then maybe someone SHOULD design this tank to fit
    into the top of a regular Zippo lighter.

  5. It’s very cool but I wouldn’t use it, the decision was made as soon as you
    said “cut your wick in half”. Maybe good for someone who doesn’t use the
    lighter much.


  7. i dont thing it would, it would basically work the same way, theres felt on
    the tank too, so it would basically just slowly get sucked into the felt
    pad on the tank

  8. thumbs up if you realized he didnt put the flint back in after putting in
    the fuel tank

  9. Insert? what does it do?

  10. insert

  11. insert

  12. Where can I get one? I can’t find any online at all…

  13. global(dot) rakuten (dot) com / en /store / auc-e-goods / item/ 2011039/
    there’s a link to buy the insert just change the (dot) to . and remove the

  14. very awesome!

  15. i like zippo original not whit adds.i dont even know what is that for lol

  16. ya

  17. you can buy Zippos at Meijer, that’s where I get mine. Just sayin’.

  18. lol no efense big fan but bit stupid leaving flint out

  19. urrr me treasure is missing. aye aye capin

  20. INSERT

  21. @mybuddydied Don’t you know the bird is the word?

  22. what i do is take a pair of neddle nose pliers grab the bottom of the
    insert and twist a little. its been working well for me

  23. i have a link

  24. What lasts longer burn wise, the can or the rayon?

  25. Yes 🙂

  26. global.rakuten. com/en/store/24kogyo/item/1570063/ i found a similar item

  27. i dont under stand what you mean by burn wise but the fluid will last long
    in the can therefore last longer to burn. if you not familiar with zippos
    just the wick burns (actually the fluid on the wick) and im assuming the
    one rayon you left in ther zippo will become less damp over time so you
    will need to tilt the zippo upsidedown every onece and a while to let more
    fluid out

  28. insert

  29. its at h t t p : / / g l o bal.rakuten. c o m
    /en/store/auc-e-goods/item/2011039/ remove the spaces

  30. Insert

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