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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Davidoff Yamasa Cigar Review (re-uploaded)

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Davidoff Yamasa cigar review

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  1. I've noticed you smoke your cigars outside most of the time I think you really need a smoking room.

  2. Tatum, you have the loveliest smile ever.

  3. Sadly, my wallet (by wallet I mean my wife) would punish me severely if I splurged on this stick. Looks and sounds wonderful, though. I really enjoy your reviews, looking forward to the next. Happy smokes!

  4. Which type would you suggest for a new to cigars smoker. I really enjoy flavoured 🙂
    Hope 2018 was a good year all the best.

  5. I really like your videos short, sweet, and to the point !!! Its a nice change of pace. Can you do a top 3 video or something along those line. I'm fairly new to cigars Ive always loved a good cigar from time to time but over the last year I really fell in love with cigars. My grandfather was in Honduras for 3 weeks for work at the beginning of the year and brought back 5 cigars from some man rolling them at the company event he was at long story shorty they were absolutely amazing and Ive been searching for anything comparable and I just cant find anything remotely close to them. I believe it was a Maduro the flavor profile was super creamy, a hint of sweetness, with a velvety black coffee flavor, and a bit of hazelnut.. SOOO my question is with that description what would you recommend me ? Also could you do a review on a Kristoff ? I picked up a few at the event they were having and I would love to know your opinion. I was surprised by how much I liked the Connecticut usually those are a bit dull for me but I was left a bit lackluster with the Maduro that I was so excited to smoke. I still have the San Andreas and the ligero criollo. Also maybe a video on your favorite sticks under 10 bucks ?? Sorry I know im long winded 🙂

  6. It looks like velvet smoothie and cream body , the cigar looks fine too

  7. Do you purposely look to the right of the camera while you are speaking? You don't seem to make eye contact with the camera.

  8. Very descriptive! I enjoyed how detailed you were with every flavor note you tasted throughout the cigar. And it's amazing how we all get different notes reviewing the same cigar on our channels. Awesome review Tatum.

  9. Re-uploaded because the original video got deleted somehow 🙄

  10. Ok I guess I can manage to watch Tatum talk about this cigar again. DO YOUR WORST YOUTUBE! I CAN WITHSTAND THE TORTURE! 😏

  11. Great review. My question is this. Do you feel like the burn line is do to the heavy wrapper?

  12. You’re absolutely gorgeous and even more stunning as smoke rolls over those lips good review to beautiful 💙💙

  13. Tried it once before but didn’t like it too much. Gonna give it another try and see what happens. Thanks Tatum!

  14. Another nice review. greetings from Poland 🙂

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