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Davidoff Yamasa Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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What’s happening my cigar smoking family? Today was another great day in my neighborhood. So in order to celebrate I decided to smoke and review a top-shelf cigar. The newest cigar in the Davidoff family is called Yamasa. This cigar was the result of long experiment. The Yamasa region of the Dominican Republic was a swampy area said to be unfit for growing tobacco. In order to prove everyone wrong, Henke Kelner set out to propagate the beloved tobacco plant in this area. The process included two years of soil tending and seed selection. The PH of the soil was raised plant by plant giving each plant the exact amount of nutrients needed. Though the site covers 100 hectares, only 21 are used for the fine tobacco in the Yamasa.


  1. I'm. going to have to get one now

  2. If you can't like LeeMack.. you just can't like people! As always good review – looks like a must try smoke..

  3. I haven't had a chance to say this in a while – but WOW!! My only regret with getting this cigar is only getting one. It's pricey but I haven't enjoyed this kind of quality in cheap sticks so I won't call it overpriced. Mine burned perfectly – probably due to Houston's climate right now. Pre-light it smelled like toast and raisins. The smoke was smooth, and the flavors were well balanced. I'll be adding this to my list of treat sticks. Thanks for the recommendation. This was spot on!!

  4. LeeMack, great review, brother. Love your delivery and vibe, and the perspective on "today". Haven't tried this Davi but looking forward to it. New subscriber here, BTW. Cheers…

  5. I have yet to try a Davidoff. I'll get on it. LOL

  6. I've been thinking of buying a four pack box of these.

  7. Life is too short not to buy expensive things!

  8. thanks for another great review brother.

  9. Thanks Fam for another great review. I was definitely thinking about checking out the Davidoff Lounge in NYC. Someone told me about it so I think that where I will visit. God bless and see you on the next smoke!

  10. Amen! God Bless You Bro, you inspired me to take out my 1992 Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario. Wow, what an awesome cigar…Funny: I'm not much of a Fuente Fan.
    However, this one made me realize that this is my favorite now, your're tha Man, Ese…..Your Mexican Bro,,, Vic

  11. wish I could afford that cigar just watching you smoke it makes it all look good as smooth as the cigar..playa!

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