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Davidoff Nicaragua Toro Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Davidoff Nicaragua Toro Cigar Review This 5.5×54 stick features a dark caramel colored wrapper with a firm dry feel, small veins, tight invisible seams, larg…



  1. I tabbed out for several seconds and then heard “big buttery nut” and was
    like O_________O and retabbed back to the video lol

  2. I’m smoking one right now,agree with the spice but no black pepper that
    sums it up nicely.I am just exploring right now and so far way ahead of the
    others for me is the Davidoff Short Perfecto, any ideas of something
    similar to try ?

  3. Had several of these a while back. I wasn’t disappointed. 

  4. these cigars are amazing! $65 each in Australia thou…..

  5. I got a robusto waiting to be smoked, looks promising.

  6. You Sir, are the big buttery nut! 😉 Thought I’d reveal where the joke is.
    Please don’t take it personal, I’m just kidding obviously. I really do
    enjoy your reviews. When searching for a review of a particular cigar and
    yours in one of the search results that’s the one I click. Thumbs up for
    the great work!

  7. I’ll have to try this cigar, altho Davidoff isn’t cheap.

  8. Im a daily Davidoff smoker. Stronger more complex ones are the Colorado
    Claro,Year of the Horse,Nicargua,Puro D Oro,Club House Toro,Davidoff
    Maduro. All excellent cigars worth the money IMO. Padron is excellent as
    well just Nicarguan tobacco is starting to make me sick. Davidoff is the
    king of smooth, creamy and pleasant cigars IMH FUCKING OPINION

  9. Had one over the weekend because of your review. I was a good smoke but the
    price point just doesnt make it worth it. I paid $17 here in AZ. I had to
    call around twon to find one because of the CA review.

  10. 7:15…lol :D

  11. im a new ciger smoker..i got a box of spanish cigars..was wandering if it
    will go bad over time if i keep them closed in the box or will it get
    better with time? wine?..

  12. Great reviews, all of them very accurate. I have been wondering what do you
    think about the Cuban Corona Arturo Fuente Cigars.

  13. Never smoked one, not on my radar for that price point. Sounds good but
    have to imagine there are better for the price.

  14. I smoked the robusto tubo and really enjoyed it. Perfect construction,
    nutty, coffee/cream and hint of honeycomb and sweet cedar. Mine was cool
    all the way to the end. But I do agree with the loose draw, I’m going to
    try punching it next time, to see if that helps it. I paid about $14-15 for
    mine. Great review Bryan, keep em coming

  15. As always, thanks’ for taking the time to make this video! And I support
    this site. ~M~

  16. its not a normal gellotine;)

  17. I got a bigger one than that for $13.90 a couple days ago

  18. I got a bigger one than that for 13.90 a couple

  19. Hey Bryan. Im just starting to get into cigar smoking and my first cigar
    was an Oliva Serie V. I enjoyed smoking it but I’m looking for something
    different and maybe a little milder. What would you recommend?

  20. its called ‘the perfect cutter’

  21. Thanks for posting, gonna have to try it, at least as a special occasion
    smoke.Davidoff tobacco is first rate, however mild most of their lines
    go.Glad to see them going with fuller body blends.

  22. how do you call his cutter, can’t find it.

  23. Had one of these today, very much like you described it. Great job on the
    reviews, keep it up.

  24. Sounds something i would enjoy might buy some.

  25. thanks!!

  26. Smoking the robusto right now. I’ll agree it’s got a good bit of flavor but
    not as refined as I was expecting. Seems a little rough around the edges so
    to speak. If I was smoking this in a blind taste test I would guess it was
    a $5-7 stick. The wonky burn was a bit of a letdown but overall an
    enjoyable smoke. k

  27. I might have to try this one. This sound like my type of flavors,

  28. There’s a joke somewhere there….good one.

  29. i have not found a single davidoff that i liked…..not sure about this one

  30. Great video, love watching your reviews. I’m really liking the little bits
    at the end of your video. Keep up the great work.

  31. Love Davidoff. Most of their sticks are right in my mild to medium
    wheelhouse. The Avo and Griffins lines are also great if you like that
    blending style. I’m glad they came out with the Nicaragua and the Millenium
    lines for those who want stronger flavors. Cheers.

  32. Hands down, my favorite stick. Tried it for the first time last week in NYC
    at De La Concha. $20 for the Robusto en Tubo, factoring NYC tobacco tax.
    Supposedly they’ve sold 100 boxes of these in under two weeks.

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