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Davidoff Late Hour Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Davidoff Cigar Late Hour in a Robusto
Cigar Review
Dark Habano Ecuadorian Marron wrapper
Mexican San Andres binder
Nicaraguan & Dominican filler

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  1. I love your look tonight. Very Classy, yet humble. As for the cigar I have never had one of those but I would love to try one. They are extremely pricey but I may get one and try it. Im a real Winston Churchill nerd. Thanks for the review.

  2. This cigar better be great for how much it freaking costs.

  3. That looks amazing. Thank you.

  4. Great review as usual by a beautiful woman…was wondering what do you use the most to cut your cigars…im kinda partial to the plunger but just ordered a v cutter…thoughts?☺… sound kinda nasaly…hope your not getting sick!!😘

  5. another great review.. btw is that a dupont lighter? looks like table size.

  6. Does anyone else miss the days when Delicia would chat with us in the comments? sigh

  7. Have you tried any of the Victor Sinclair cigars

  8. Like the Late Hour it has its place on my Top Shelf 😏

  9. Going out to get one to enjoy this evening with some Black Label Johnnie Walker. Thanks for the review. As always perfect. Stay Smokey my SOTL.

  10. Delicia try this: light the cigar before you cut it…the cigar tends/seems to have more of its flavor instead of a hot flame lighting it while puffing getting all that heat through in which I found u don't get the cigars full flavor due to puffing on straight heat through the cigar.

  11. GREAT Review will be looking forward to trying a few SALUTE

  12. You've made another excellent review and spot on for the flavors and nuances of this cigar. Thank you and keep up your great work.

  13. Love your reviews. I'm new to cigars and am learning a lot from you and your guests. Thank you

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