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Davidoff Aniversario No 3 Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Davidoff Aniversario No 3 Cigar Review This 6×50 stick features a dark tan delicate wrapper with virtually no features – minimal veins, tight invisible seams…

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  1. holy f’in shit……. i think you’re right!! :O This is why i don’t live in
    Florida…… o.o

  2. At 2:42

  3. Florida, its a lizard

  4. @cigarobsession hello bryan im akready an experienced smoker and do you
    recomend me to smoke a cigar

  5. I am a big fan of the Davidoff blending style. Mild to medium, creamy,
    nutty flavors. You get hazelnuts, coffee, cream, etc. For a lower priced
    version you can try Avo and Griffins which are also made in the Davidoff
    factory. Great morning smokes with coffee. Excellent review as always.

  6. u should try a acid kuba kuba

  7. Do you think Davidoffs are in general worth the high price tag? I’ve never
    smoked one myself and I don’t see a big fan base for these.

  8. Hey Bryan, I’ve never commented, but I’ve been subscribed to your reviews
    for the past year or so. Just wanted to thank you for your continued
    efforts. You’ve helped me discover several brands that I might not have
    otherwise tried. As you might say: “I greatly appreciate it, brother.” Keep
    up the great work!

  9. 3:28min into the video — some little critter crawling under the middle
    cross beam on your fence. Over your right shoulder Bryan. Think is was a
    bird…. But just in case you might want to start caring a shotgun when you
    shoot these videos.

  10. That’s a lizard. If im not mistaken Bryan lives in or near Florida and
    small lizards aren’t uncommon in warm areas like that.

  11. Thanks Brian..wonderful review..could you also give me your thoughts on the
    Chubby Davidoff?

  12. SEE … SEEE…. I’m saying the mad needs a SHOT GUN!

  13. That… is one MASSIVE spider XD

  14. Keep up the great job, looking forward to entering you’re cigar lottery!!!

  15. Yup big spider!!!

  16. Lol I was watching another of your reviews when I saw the notification for
    this one in my e-mail inbox!

  17. Yeah I grew up in Florida. Does not surprise me….. Still… I’d keep the
    shotgun near by. I mean, if you want to get a MILLION hits…spin halfway
    into the video and BLAM!

  18. I never had a bad smoke with them when I can afford them.

  19. I love all different types of cigars and two of my favorites are Davidoffs,
    but not the base line. Try the Puro d’ Oro, the Magnifico is my favorite
    size. Also the Millenium Blend lonsdale or robusto. Both of these are for
    the different smoker. A little kick on both and still very smoothe great
    “treat yourself” cigars.

  20. 7:00

  21. that’s a huge spider! watch at 2:42 to moves

  22. the one davidoff I’ve smoked I enjoyed…I had to see if they were really
    as disappointing for the price as everyone says…I actually enjoyed it
    quite a bit but the ash did the exact same thing…flakes everywhere…if I
    were wealthy, I would smoke these in the morning while sitting in a leather
    chair, gazing out the window and pondering my riches….then when the sun
    went down, I would do the exact same thing with one of the many high end
    padrons to be found in my walk-in

  23. Bryan Glynn is awesome!

  24. Looks like a huge spider to me.

  25. Pretty sure that I wouldn’t spend 20 bucks on a stick constructed so
    poorly. I’m sure the flavors are sublime, but there’s no reason to reward
    oversights in construction like that by paying a premium price. Big
    dollars=perfect. Anyone who doesn’t like it doesn’t belong in the business.

  26. Could you include the price per stick that they normally go for in the rest
    of your videos? Love the videos keep em comin.

  27. @seeksoft

  28. yah orlando. I go to miami every summer, lizards are about as common as
    rocks down there

  29. it crawls there at 2:44

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