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Daniel, Ben and Melanie smoke a cigar at Sanctuary Resort

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Daniel, Ben and Melanie took 2 different field trips within 24 hours. The goal was to find hay for a cigar review but in the end one friend got his cigar stolen, another friend wanted a drink and another friend wanted to make sure no good elephants were killed in making any cigar cutters.

The cigars we smoked were Long Live the King by Caldwell Cigars and HR Hermosa by White Hat available at Http://
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  1. Can someone tell her their called smoke rings not o's! Also, there's a reason never to go to that place Britney Spears likes it! How long have these guys been smoking stogies? Scotch goes with a good cigar or red wine!

  2. WOW!!! Oh the girl knows about the ooooooooohs! That's cool! Ben's pretty talented with his tongue. That's always an asset. I enjoyed this video immensely. I'll have to check you out more.

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