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Dan Tobacco Sweet Vanilla Honeydew pipe tobacco presentation

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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Presentation of Dan Tobacco’s Sweet Vanilla Honeydew splendid aromatic.

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  1. I’d like to know what are some of your other recommendations on aromatics
    such as this “Sweet Vanilla Honeydew ” ? 

  2. @EveryDaySlacker If picking up a small wooden object makes you alter your
    character in any significant way, then I suppose there is a whole other
    string of questions that you need to start asking yourself. As for ‘smug’,
    that is a matter of perception I guess. Happy puffing

  3. @MartyWeller Hi Marty, thanks for watching my friend. Hmm, good questions.
    The Honeydew, is more straightforward I would say. It gives you the
    sweetness and the vanilla and the honey and all it’s got straight in the
    face, you don’t need to search for things and it only uses virginia to do
    that. De Luxe needs more investigating and I would dare to blame cavendish
    for that, although that is just an assumption. A good tobacco of course,
    but if I had to choose, I would go for Honeydew.

  4. Great review Alex… how does it compare to Peterson De Luxe Mixture ???

  5. you coulden”t wait could you?

  6. @larshermanns Really? I could swear that I taste it, and it’s the only
    blend that had the word ‘honey’ in the title that I do! the irony, lol.
    Perhaps its the virginia sweetness and fermentation in combination with
    whatever vanilla essense they are using that produces the honey-like taste.
    In any case, whatever they are doing is right , because it is delicious!!!
    lol Thanks for watching man, happy puffing!

  7. @astroman2112 Hi James, thanks for watching man. It is a delicious tobacco,
    think you will like it! happy puffing!

  8. @41DegreesSouth thanks for watching man, this is a good one. happy puffing!

  9. Never heard of Dan Tobacco but I’m gonna keep my eye out for this stuff
    now, I love sweet tobaccos. Thanks for the review.

  10. Great review as always Alex, keep them coming. Dan

  11. there comes a time when you must ask yourself “does smoking a pipe make me
    act sophisticated? Or am i really that smug on an everyday basis?”

  12. @MiddleAgedMoaner Thank you for watching my friend! Since you like the
    sweet tobaccos I think you ‘re gonna like this one quite a lot. Happy

  13. I think the DTM “Sweet Vanilla Honeydew” has a very high quality, but for
    me it is too much sweet! Really good video, thanks for sharing! Regards,

  14. @Thaeldenodon heh, a lot of people are using zippo. the pipe version is
    quite handy. I must say that I have retired it though, as I find the xikar
    pipeline I have recently purchased so much more to my liking. Happy puffing!

  15. Hey there pal, I totally agree with your review. I like this tabacco alot
    and I am into the room note as well. The smoke characteristics are quite
    accessible. In this case I recommend the DTMs Gold of Mysore too. This
    tobacco is similar to the Sweet Vanilla Honeydew, with a little less
    casing. I prefer the GoM more, because I think the natural virginia flavor
    gets more into focus with this choice. btw: DTM has a lot more to discover.
    I love their tobaccos. take care, greeting from Germany

  16. @SimpaSmoker Thank you Dan, thanks for watching my friend. Happy puffing!

  17. @larshermanns Whatever they do, they are doing it right, so cheers to
    that!! Thanks for sharing the info Lars, happy puffing my friend!

  18. Mmm… sounds delicious! Damn! Do you ever try a tobacco that you DON’T
    like? Hahaha! I have to try and do a 100% negative tobacco review one day.
    🙂 Cheers mate, – Mike

  19. Hallo, excuse me for my is not so got english! But if you have problems to
    get Dan Pipe tabaks i will help you. I came from Germany and we can’t get
    US-tabak. I’m very interesting in US-tabaks from Maclland (Virginas). I
    willbe very happy if you are intressting for chance DTM-Tabak for an

  20. @mleyh67 hahaha, my thoughts exactly, lol. thanks for watching man

  21. thanks for the recommendation, I’ll give it a try

  22. Man we all know whats in that pipe!!!

  23. Pls don’t use a Zippo for pipes… But i like Sweet vanilla 😉

  24. @Flieger671 hahaha, I have liked the vast majority of the tobaccos that I
    have tried I suppose, in various degrees of course. The Founding Fathers
    presentation wasn’t all that positive, was it? lol. The one tobacco I
    actually hated was Mac Baren’s Mixture Scottish Blend. I disliked it so
    much that even the video came out crappy and I never posted it. This one
    though… man, it’s delicious I’m telling you. Thanks for watching man

  25. @JogiExperience Hi Jogi, thanks for watching! it is indeed one of the sweet
    ones, but it didn’t overwhelm me I must say. Happy puffing!

  26. Excellent; I need to find a nice vanilla – thanks. ~ 41°S

  27. Sounds like a great vanilla aromatic! I’ll put this on the list along with
    Stanwell’s vanilla. Thanks for the review Alex. Cheers, James

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