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Custom Cabinet Humidor Tour

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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This custom cabinet humidor is my step-father’s. It is filled with some of the best smokes ever and even has some smokes I have never heard of. He has another small humidor filled with some other things. He used to have a lot more single cigars but with this humidor, he is able to start collecting boxes more.

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Honestly, James


  1. Great Humidor, thanks for the tour. Not sure where Atabey got their 100 Points score on their blends but it had to be bought. Don't get me wrong, its a decent smoke but there are hundreds of $10-$20 blends on the market that blow that cigar to kingdom come. Once again it goes to prove that a company can take a good cigar and wrap it in very expensive packaging and it will get high rating. I was lucky enough to have been gifted 2 Atabey's that were naked all but the bands. So I was able to go into the experience without any prior knowledge of the blend. Anyways, back off my soapbox I step. Love your videos and keep em coming my good man. Cheers to you !

  2. This is your step dad and he didn't offer you an opus x when you said you never smoked one… wow. I'm sorry but he obviously has some money but is a selfish smoker. Any time I have someone at my house and they notice my cigars I always offer them one or two minimum and I'm broke! It's called being a botl… but I guess he's not even a step dad of the leaf.

  3. Needs some Cubans in there

  4. Pretty annoying you gotta whistle everytime he pulls out a cigar lol .. otherwise .. good content

  5. Amazing Cabinet & Collection!

  6. how is his humidifier system set up? I saw it and was trying to figure it out. it looks like a nice setup.

  7. Awesome love humidor vids nice collection

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