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Cubans vs. Honduran Cigars!!! (f. Sancho Panza)

Posted by in Cigar Review

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We think Cubans are pretty good, but Honduran cigars have a ton to offer. That’s why we’re running a special on the Honduran Sancho Panza. Check out the offers:


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@Crookedbeardaz – Bradley
@tntcigars – Tim


  1. Why not do cigars vs marijuana

  2. Love the videos guys. Huge fan. I just made my first order from your web site. Cant wait 2 get my cigars. It very very hard 2 find an get good cigars where i live. Thanks guys keep it up.

  3. Is there a way to save a half smoked cigar for another day?

  4. Dont be talking about the ridge on that boys head. He cant help hes got the noggin of a Klingon

  5. It's not like it's the same company making cigars in two different countries. I'm not sure what the comparison is.

  6. Tim looks like a white Lavar Ball

  7. Honduras sancho panza was the first cigar I ever smoked

  8. When you guys say "floral notes", what do you mean by that? That it tastes like flowers?

  9. Um…no box pop-up in the video?

  10. There's never a box above your shoulder! What's with that?

  11. Let's see Sancho Panza, Montecristo, Romeo N Juliet, Cohiba… all of them have a Cuban and another version in another country, so there are more than you think.

  12. Will you please ask dude to stop yelling.

  13. I love your reviews guys!!! What do you guys think about the Mexican "Te amo" cigar brand? The "te amo" world series are, to me, a really good under 8 dlls choice 😀 hope you make a review about thems… Best regards from Baja México.

  14. Can I meet Rico please how about you throw one if those in my surprise 4 pack I just ordered lol

  15. The novel is Don Quijote de la Mancha

  16. Hey…whuddya guys do with all the left over stogies you test out. Some of these taste tests gotta lot of sticks put aside.
    PS. I dont like how the big guys whole body is alwayd in the frame and the other guys shoulder is cut off.
    Seems like a power move dude.
    Deal with Darryl

  17. Sancho Panza was the squire of Don Quixote in the novel Don Quixote by Cervantes. Didn't you guys pick up on the saltiness in the Cuban stick?

  18. I found a really old box of ruy lopez cigars in my great grandfathers stuff .. Does anyone know anything about these cigars?

  19. You guys would be a blast to hangout with

  20. Yeah, I gotta be honest. I was obsessed with the top of Tim's head today, and it is a little pointed. I love watching you guys 🇱🇷

  21. I always get a very distinct nutty note with Cubans, I've never tasted it in anything else

  22. Maybe after you guys give the ratings for the cigar, you can say how much they cost

  23. There is a ridge on tims head

  24. Are all the boxes behind you guys filled with tobacco goodness?

  25. The novel Tim is referring to is Don Quixote.

  26. why do you guys cut your torpedoes at an angle?

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