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Cuban Cigar Review – Romeo y Julieta Churchill

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After a visit to Chartwell the home of Churchill I decided to smoke this classic Cuban. As well as this it was gifted to me by a great BOTL who I recently found out has passed away.

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  1. Good review, i like it. Thanks alot.

  2. The nice video and very good cigar!

  3. Nice review, those are the proper clothes!

  4. Very dapper attire and most fitting. I have not smoked a cuban cigar for quite some time but seem to remember the Romeo y Julieta being the safe option, the gold blend of the cigar world. St Luis Rey was a brand I enjoyed particularly their Churchill size cigar.

  5. Moin Dunc,
    even I am no cigar smoker, many greetings from germany to the UK.
    Have a nice week

  6. sorry it wasn't great. thanks for the history lesson

  7. Great review, great clothes, great remember of your friend ( he may rest in peace ✌). Churchill was a great Briton and I believe that Europe is got her fridom just because of Sir Winston Churchill kept on feet this Great Country. You have the best BOTL on the Earth. Personally I do love R and J cigars

  8. Hi Dunc: Thanks for your discussion of Winston Churchill. I recently finished a course on Churchill offered by Hillsdale College. Just great!! Very sorry to hear about your friend, who passed on. Nice memory, though, to smoke a cigar that he gifted you, and think about him a bit. Love the jacket, and bow tie. Very sharp, indeed!! Hope that the week ahead, is a good one for you. Take Care. Ed

  9. Churchill & Roosevelt, we don't turn out leaders like them anymore. Great video!

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