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Cuban Cigar Review – Punch Royal Selection No 12

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Another one of the proposed discontinued cigars for 2010 and following on from the Punch RS No 11. How do the super tatsers from fi…



  1. Is there anybody out there that can help me with a factory code LPM. The
    rest of the code is DIC-08 (Diciember 2008) but I can not find out the LPM
    code – HELP please! Thanks. – Ps. Great review!

  2. What song is playing at the very beginning please help me know this!!!

  3. what happened to smithy

  4. @FriendsofHabanos Thank You, by the way great reviews guys keep them going.

  5. He will return one day

  6. @jbslambo2 Bastard Son by George from their album Polyserena

  7. Love punch cigars.

  8. Great Review. I completely agree with you Rob when you say how there is a
    big difference betwween numbers when you get into the 90’s. There is a huge
    difference between a 90 and a 92 in my eyes.

  9. would be interesting to see if you could get your taste buds measured, I
    will be asking my doctor about this in the new year. Merry Christmas guys!

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