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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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Cuban Cigar Review – Partagas Series P No 1 Jars

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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A fantastic looking Jar but do the cigars match the presentation, thats watch Rob and Smithy from will try and find out.



  1. have a club once in a while it’ll make those look grand !!! hahahaaaa

  2. $225 in LCDH’s in Cuba 🙂

  3. do they sell these in boxes or singles

  4. nice. how do you light your Cigars? i always mess up.

  5. i hear it tastes like roast beef

  6. @GCOUNDOU There is a humidification puck in the jar to regulate the

  7. so.. do you store them in the jar? how do you keep them humidified? or do
    you take them out and put them in the humidor?

  8. Great review as always

  9. GRR! My friend is bringing me back a couple boxes that I made a list of
    from Cuba, and I had tossed around getting this over and over. But I still
    have an almost full box of Series D4, and decided with some non-Partagas
    brands. I saw this jar in an LCDH in Havana and fell in love with it, and
    after watching this review, I wish I’d gone with it as one of my boxes my
    friend’s bringing back. They’re about $225CUCs in Cuba. Next time.. next

  10. hey guys love your videos. Here in Canada Vancouver I found a jar of these
    and they asking $900 for this. Do you think it’s worth it? plz if you could
    answer as soon as possible. thx a lot

  11. good video , come see my videos on cigar reviews and more !!

  12. nice cigar, tried a couple myself. watching this with an RA Phoenicia RE
    Lebanon 08 – awesome smoke!

  13. @mhexakosioihexekonta send us an email via the website and we can discuss
    the prices of the Partagas Jar.

  14. that jar is sweeeeet

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