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Cuban Cigar Review – Master Cigar Roller Ramses

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Continuing Rob’s interview with master cigar roller Ramses. They discuss the new Behikes and blending of cigars.

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  1. Very informative. Thanks Prez.

  2. Do you like Behike? Yeahnnn haaa, come on man, I love Behike, let me know
    when you will “test” it and I go to Cuba to help you! I m jealous.

  3. That’s got nothing to do with the production really, that’s the Australian
    taxation. D4 production is one of the highest of any vitola in Havana
    already. If you increase production, quality drops severely. Take the
    prices up with your government, or buy from elsewhere.

  4. tell that guy to increase production of the D4 to bring the price down ,
    does he know we have to pay upto $600 for a box of D4 in australia is so
    stupid when they are proberly selling them for $80 a box in cuba and then
    yeah theres taxes but come on , america sells boxes of NUB for $110 and we
    in australia are charged $650 for the same box of NUB cigars

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