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Cuban Cigar Review – Discontinued Cigars 2011

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A sad day for Cuban cigars as Habanos SA have decided what they are cutting from the range and it is not pretty. Rob goes through the list.


  1. HABANOS S.A. what on EARTH is wrong with you?? So many great cabs of great
    and even classic cigars gone!? Utter disgrace indeed, get a f***ing clue,
    you bloody idiots. Excuse the manner, but I am just another of the many
    faithful smokers of Havanas that you’ve thoroughly angered.

  2. Jesus H Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have already discontinued my
    Bolivar CE in 50 cabs, they are eliminating them completely?? And my
    Bolivar PC in 50 cabs??? What a bunch of douchenozzles the folks at Habanos
    have turned into. My Mag46 in 50s gone??? LGC Tanios gone. Those dumb
    bastards are killing me!!!!!!! I am going to stock up soon, and then tell
    Habanos to “go piss up a rope!”

  3. Trinidad T Robusto and Bolivar Coronas????? WTF!!!……Trinidad T robustos
    is one of the best cigars out there, come on.

  4. Great video guys, I agree with you 110%. Pathetic.

  5. @GCOUNDOU Believe it or not it is true they are all being discontinued, and
    yes place a couple of orders before its too late as many are already gone!

  6. Thats just terrible news awful

  7. Rob summed it up nicely at the end. Seriously, F-U Habanos if you don’t
    realize most of these deletions were mistakes.

  8. They are making it easier and easier to buy other cigars. They are simply
    driving their business plan down the throats of dedicated cigar smokers and
    catering to the occasional smoker.

  9. the boys are trying to pressure us to place orders … don’t believe them!

  10. Bolivar CE? No more Bolivar PC cabs?

  11. This is some sadd shit!!! Bolivar Corona Extras gone!!!! WTF!!!

  12. Sorry bud, but I’m an American cigar smoker and I do NOT like those big
    honking cigars. About a 46 ring is the max I prefer with PC’s and Robusto’s
    being my fave sizes. BIG fan of the Boli CE and have about 1/2 25 left.
    Guess I better nurse those babies.

  13. A shame to hear of, guys. You’ve got one CanuckSARTech that’s gonna be
    stocking up on a few items, that’s for sure! F U, H S.A.!!!!!

  14. Many changes happening in Habanos……and I’m not talking cigars only.

  15. Wtf!! They are mad, there are ppl out there like me who have not yet tryed
    some of these yet and now never will Sad day today

  16. fundadore 12’s are a fucking excellent cigar , oh man seriously of course
    they a fucking discontinued they are just too expensive no one buys them ,
    they dont sell as much what do they fucking expect , bring the fucking
    price down , what the fuck we gonna smoke thats left over

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