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Cuban Cigar Review – Cohiba Esplendido

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On a beautiful summer’s afternoon Ken and Rob sit down to review a controversial cigar. The Cohiba Esplendido always falls short for Rob, however Ken thinks …


  1. Cohiba Esplendido…awesome Churchill, very nice cigar, every one has been
    wonderful in my experience. The last third is awesome for me, every time.
    Not a Bolivar or Romeo y Julieta (in a good way), certainly not spectacular
    value compared to these others, but awesome in its own right. 

  2. Do you have a website that ships to USA if you can you let me know

  3. The only “Cohiba” that is not a true cuban is what you will get in the US.
    Hence the Dominican red dot “Cohiba” or those expensive fakes they sell
    online that actually ship to the US made with short or sometimes mixed
    fillers. True honest to God Cohibas must be purchased abroad unless you
    have a few brave friends in the right places NOT the internet lol . Great
    video gentlemen every time I get a good esplendido I’m in sheer bliss. The
    only thing better is a 54 lol

  4. @TheRedline161 Three days in Cuba and you are an expert on Cuban tobacco
    characteristics and flavours? Not sure why we have been wasting our time
    with these reviews when all we needed to do was look at a woven hessian bag
    full of tobacco and we would know everything about Cuban cigars!

  5. They are a good cigar but can be hit and miss for the price

  6. @suza1103 I agree most sites sell fake cubans, but their are sites that
    have legit cubans. These cubans are imported from Cuba then distributed to
    companys which then distribute it internationally. The boxes of the habanos
    have cuban government stamps on them so it had to have come from there.
    Sites are cheaper than stores because they don’t need to pay taxes or at
    least the legit ones I know are located in taxfree locations.

  7. Great review! Welcome back ken! I got to say, i have always had good luck
    with the esplendido. It’s true with these that they are either really good
    or really bad, there is no in between. Glad to see you guys got a really
    good one!

  8. I believe his name was Ari, a friend of yours on Instagram that recommended
    me to your website. i love your honesty, it says a lot about your company.
    to other retailers every cigar is “the best of the best! a box worthy

  9. @FriendsofHabanos Yea good response but , there was a suttle question in my
    comment…. Basically i dont see how these flavours can possibly come to a
    cigar , tobaco picked > bagged > factory>rolled , tbh i think your being a
    little to quick to try and make someone looks stupid when tbh i mearly
    asking , how you come by these flavours … ?

  10. @fatalegg Haha tell me about it.

  11. great video

  12. I’ve had awesome esplendidos tasting of coffee and sweet honey, and bad
    ones tasting of wood and spicy earth…..hit or miss. They cost US$35 to 40
    each where I live. Expensive.

  13. @Midgetman303 LOL. First Bahamas, they are probably fake. Second, if they
    were not in a humidor and your house wasn’t in 65 – 75 percent humidity
    conditions (stably too) they would smoke like shit. Warm regards.

  14. Tbh i just look at this and think to myself… REALLY ??? I mean ive been
    to cuba (from the uk) and i went on a 3 day trip to havana, and when we
    visited the cigar factory the tobacoo is stored in these weaven type of
    bags , and then its just rolled on a table , to say that it has ‘citrus ,
    mandarin , coffee , leather’ aromas i just think is all in yor head
    doubt its smooth and mild and a nice drag , but this isnt a whisky that has
    been matured with those aromas , its tobaco str8 frm a farm

  15. The best Cuban cigar I’ve had so far was a REAL Cohiba Esplendido. (I’ve
    had plenty of counterfeit Esplendidos and nothing compares to an authentic
    one!) It had a “sweetness” to it that wasn’t sugary or honey sweet but very
    light–a hint of sweetness only cigar tobacco could have. I smoked it
    gently, right down to the nub, to the point where my thumb and forefinger
    could not hold it. I was only disappointed that it ended! A beautiful smoke
    for an hour and a half that I will never forget.

  16. @TheRedline161 You ought to try some and see. You won’t notice those tastes
    at first but eventually you get more sensitive to the subtleties. Also if
    you are a regular cigarette smoker you’ll likely never notice any flavor
    from a cigar..

  17. Smoked a Cohiba outside of a sports bar, and got verbal appraisal for just
    the smell of it. In the states it is illegal, so I don’t thnik they
    believed me when I stated it was a Cuban, but a true Cigar lover should
    know the difference in just the smell… I do.

  18. @CaptainQuintero I don’t know where you buy your cigars but you are
    obviously bing ripped off and proud of it…LOL I you buy Cohibas or Monte
    Cristo in Cuba or Jamaica they are not ridiculously expensive at all.

  19. I’ve got one of these aged since 2001, should be an interesting smoke after
    11-12 years of good storage!!!

  20. I hope they are better today than in the mid 90’s. Some were perfect, but
    some had a very bad draw. So bad draw that they couldn’t be smoked! You
    would expect better quality for a cigar that costs $30 each.

  21. @Muschi33 I hace some boxes of esplendido cohiba,i want to sell them.

  22. Esplendidos is definitely the best cigar I’ve ever smoked. I think it’s one
    of the best for a beginner, who wants to understand why good cuban cigars
    are so popular. It’s a long smoke, but the smaller ring gauge makes it easy
    to smoke. Very creamy and pleasant. The burn is great. The price is about
    25-30 EUR, but it’s worth it!

  23. Great review and thanks for posting. When I lived in Europe and in asia
    this was my ‘everyday’ smoke and one of my all time favorite cigars. Your
    review brought back so many fond memories for me. I haven’t had an
    esplendido in almost 12 years…. thanks again Dan

  24. You were not ‘merely asking’. Don’t start a bloody ego swinging contest out
    of ignorance then lie and pretend you weren’t being offensive in the first
    place. I will quote your first post: “i just think is all in yor head ..”
    That is not merely asking a question that’s telling professionals they
    don’t know what they’re talking about while somehow you do. Everyone who
    enjoys cigars and has a developed taste for them knows exactly what they
    are talking about. You’re just ignorant and egotistic.

  25. One of my favourite cigars, very well done lads, keep up the good work

  26. 5 stars from me , SO was this better than the jose piedra LOL , what the
    hell happened to ken

  27. Great video, great review, you really fun guys! 🙂

  28. هبلي ^_^

  29. @AEafficionado what a 54?? and my dads friend sold us one of those cigars
    for 15 bucks each. hes cuban and he is a close family friend. it looks
    exactly like the one on the video. how can i tell if its fake??

  30. I bought 3 Cohiba Espendidos in Cuba from a government cigar store. At that
    time it was $54US for the package in Cuba and that was 5-6 years ago. They
    are stored in my humidor waiting for my wedding day this Fall.

  31. love the bob Dylan in the background guys and looking forward to ordering
    some esplendidos

  32. @TheRedline161 Just like wine has a different flavour from different
    regions, cigars are the same. Depending on the region the tobacco is grown
    and the amount of each of the different leafs are used in each of the
    blends creates different flavours.

  33. As a first time cigar smoker, how would you recommend this cigar to someone

  34. Me and my bro’s smoked these last night. We picked them up in the bahama’s
    a few months ago and have been saving them for graduation… they were
    absolutely amazing! “The king of Cubans”

  35. @suza1103 Its quite easy to order cubans online even if you live in the US.

  36. @CaptainQuintero You can get a box of 25, anywhere in the USA for $400
    (renowned cigar sellers), that equals $16 per cigar, that doesn’t seen too
    expensive no?! Even churchills you’ll get for within the $28 rage.. In Cuba
    they cost way less, that’s just a fact!

  37. @TheRedline161 These guys know whaty they are talking about, don’t worry. I
    have only been smoking Havana cigars regularly for the past 9 years, though
    I had the great luck to work with a specialist cigar merchant during that
    time. As they have said in relation to wine, Cuban cigar tobacco draws
    identifyable flavour characteristics from the soil, sun and altitudes it’s
    grown in, as well as the individual Houses fermentation and curing
    techniques. These guys have a great blind tasting video also.

  38. I am looking at selling some boxes of Esplendidos, 25s, I got from Cuba,
    but I dont know where to start. I am in South Australia. Please contact me
    for a chat about the cigars if you are interested. thanks

  39. @snaggypaggy ill bet anything they were fake. Bahamas HA! they prolly had a
    glass cover lol. the only place to buy the real deal is an official habanos
    shop, end of story. sick and tired of this fake shit.

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