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Cuban Cigar Etiquette 101 – How To Properly Smoke A Cuban Cigar

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Uncle Willy is a Cuban native. He was born there, moved to South Florida, but moved back because he loves his country. In this video, he shows you how to smoke a Cuban cigar, the Cuban way. Sure, you may have your own theories of how to do it, but this is the way he does it and how he enjoys one of the most delightful things from Cuba.


  1. Doctor "Mr.Hiro I'm afraid that ever since you met that old guy at a party who thought you how to smoke cigars had got you hooked, if you don't stop you could get a horrible lung infection or possible death!

    Hiro: Good Afternoon

  2. cant wait to try and make this sushi

  3. 1million Subs will you show your face camera man?

  4. Why was this video uploaded to the Hiroyuki Terada – Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef youtube account?

  5. with a good cup of black coffee is priceless!

  6. se complicaron, porque no lo hicieron en castellano! si despues lo terminan subtitulando, hubuiera quedado mucho mejor.
    "santiaguito con hielo?" jajaja me causo la reaccion del hombre. un saludo grande desde argentina

  7. Is Hiro the one replying to the videos or is it just the camera guy?

  8. Step 1: Cubans are overrated cigars. Dominicans, Nicaraguans, Ecuadorian etc are just as good if not better. the allure for Cubans comes from them being illegal in the USA for so long.

    Step 2: there is no single way to enjoy a cigar, no matter how you cut/punch, or what you drink with it. do it how you like to do it!

    Step 3: if you use a torch, don't touch the flame to the end of the cigar, there is no need, it may light quicker but can wreck the flavour.

    Step 4: the best cigars aren't always the most expensive! this guy likes the cohiba behike which are about $90 aud a stick… you could get a lot more for your money.

  9. Is it just me, or is that guy super drunk?

  10. what does this have to do with sushi ???

  11. Hiro, where is the next teriyaki sauce series?


  13. How to properly smoke a cuban cigar: You don't unless you want cancer.

  14. Cobiba Behike is a $100 cigar…wow

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