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Cuban Bolivar Cigar Review | A Top 25 of 2017

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Does the Cuban Bolivar deserve to be on the Top 25 Cigars of 2017? In this review we’ll find out!

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  1. I think Cuban cigars can be good but have to find a good true Cuban. The other cigars on the market have amazing flavor and typically out do the Cuban.

  2. Love the reviews. More Cuban reviews. I live in Phoenix I could give some to review. Where is your shop going to be?

  3. When you smoke a Cuban your smoking history!

  4. Quality issues aren't limited to just the wrappers on Cubans. Popular marca and vitola really suffer from overproduction. One example would be the Monte 2. You're really rolling the dice on whether it will be amazing or just meh.

    Having said that, I don't agree the prevalent flavors in Cubans is grass and hay. Maybe it is in Bolivars? Haven't had a Bolivar yet, but I have smoked Hoyo de Monterrey, Montecristo, El Rey Del Mundo, Saint Luis Rey, La Gloria Cubana, H Upmann, and Trinidad. They all had different flavor profiles, but none of which I would describe as grass and hay though.

  5. Never had a Cuban yet, I got my first one in my humdior and post a picture in a fan group and got kick out. I really like all the others cigar we can get in the states they provides alot of flavors and I am not breaking the bank to get one.

  6. Way to tell it like it is, don't put those Cubans on a pedestal.

  7. cubans are a lightly smoky sweet and sour hay tea hay salty hay type of flavor.the only cigar close to a cuban are the dominicans DAVIDOFF, OPUS X's AAND THE NICARAGUAN DON PEPIN GARCIA BLUE LABEL AND CUBAN CLASSIC.Nicaragua rules now days.but I now a tobacco that grows in a region of DR that mixed with FUENTE,LFD,DAVIDOFF or ASHTON blends is THE SAME AS A CUBAN.Is not a big deal.that area in DR doesnt even grow tobacco.but a local offered me one….same as a cuban. he only grew his own supply non commercial.cubans are good very good but not your last wish.

  8. So Tim…. what are those ropes for?

  9. I'm Canadian and have wide access to Cubans. I'd rather smoke NC's, especially for the price difference.
    I will say though, grab a Trinidad Fundadores….the best for me.

  10. When you mentioned that Cubans are like its something special because they used to he illegal, here in the car community we kinda feel the same way with some JDM gems due to US import laws

  11. You're making me want to grow tobacco

  12. Hey Tim will you be able to ship to Ontario Canada? I have a few gentlemen up here looking to buy Sticks.

  13. I still haven't tried my first Cuban. I do have a Bolivar Royal Corona though that I traded for recently,

  14. Cubans no big deal in canada they are everywhere

  15. Hi again Tim, I'm a fan of your channel so I hope you won't mind my comments here. Cuban V Non Cuban is such a loaded question – I smoke NC's often enough but wouldn't claim to understand them enough to make a sweeping statement about them. I'd comment on a particular cigar that I'd smoked but I wouldn't assume to be able to make a statement about all NC's. First and foremost a key bit information , the cigars age, was missing from your video. The age and quality of storage are the most important factors in how a Cuban cigar will smoke and whilst age will have an effect on any cigar, none more than on a cuban. I won't go into the flavors because I could use every adjective in the dictionary and you would still need to smoke a cigar to truly appreciate its flavors. I will say this though, of all the Cuban brands I'd say that Bolivars are not typical of Cuban cigars, whilst they are certainly cuban they do have a different taste to most cubans and are an acquired taste. Some people say they taste a metallic flavour with Bolivars. For me the Belicoso finos is my favorite Bolivar vitola but if you want to taste Cubans and start to get an appreciation for them, you need to accustom yourself to the differences between the brands. A good starting point would be H Upmann, Hoyo de Monterrey, Ramon Allones, Romeo y Julietta and off course Montecristo among others. I adore many NC's (you will find many videos on my channel with my impressions of Cubans and NC's) such as the recent UC Sungrown, Oliva V and the Melanio, Padron etc. They all have great flavours but the DNA of a NC is discrete from the DNA of a cuban, theyr'e a different breed. You wouldn't compare them as much as you wouldn't compare a malt whiskey and a bourbon. They use similar raw materials but are different breeds. As to construction, I couldn't agree more, I am continuously frustrated by cuban construction issues whereas NC's are consistently immaculately constructed. I can go on but I think that's enough for now. As I said earlier I'm a big fan and am hugely looking forward to seeing your website when it's up and I sincerely hope you can work something out for UK shipping. I'm here to assist if you like. All the best Simon

  16. The 6 people who disliked this vid are most likely gas station cigar smokers. Great review keep em coming

  17. I've had this same Cuban Bolivar and agree with your flavor review. All of mine have burned without incident and have had great construction. I would place it in my top 15 favorites because it was so smooth. My top 10 are typically from Nicaragua, bold, strong, and spicy. With that said, I think my all time favorite is the Cuban Montecristo #2.

  18. Hey bro! Great review, I've been smoking cigars for two years now and your TNT videos made me want to get into the leaf more and more. Thanks and I'm digging the channel. Keep doing your thing!

  19. Kinda random..but does anyone remember the scene in Black Hawk Down when general Garrison was talking to that captured Somalian "officer" where he offers Garrison a Cuban and said it was a Bolivar Belicoso? I've always remember that scene for some reason.

  20. I always hope the trend of people not preferring Cuban cigars continues. Means more and cheaper Cubans for me😂.

  21. That uneven burn is poor construction

  22. I won a 25 pack of Partagas Serie D No.4. I got 11 left. And honestly they are good but i would not say now they are better then anything else i have in my humidor. If i had to choose between them and The Black Dahlia I'll pick the Black Dahlia every everytime.

  23. The Cubans I like are the Partagas robustos d4's that are peppery leathery earthy notes. Much better than the Bolivars.

  24. Spending most of my early adult life in Europe I have learned to smoke with Cubans and hadn't tried anything else. After moving to the US and discovering Hondurans, Nicaraguans and Dominicans with all the blends of tobaccos and diversity of flavors I couldn't be more pleased. While I have tons of Cubans still in my humidor, the cigars that give me the most pleasure are from elsewhere. The construction problems, inconsistencies and so on are jarring. I was at J. J. Fox in London just a few weeks back and they had cigars on display for sale with wrappers all broken and horrible presentation. Never seen anything like that in a tobacconist in the US.

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