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Cuba wants more women cigar smokers

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Cuban cigar makers appeal to women at the annual cigar festival, in an attempt to boost sales hit by the global economic downturn.


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  2. I am a woman, I smoke cigars occasionally, Cohiba’s specifically and it’s
    fabulous. It was gifted to me for the first time after a popular award show
    I modeled for. I wish pure utter happiness and evolution for you. The sex
    of a human being has nothing to do with the pleasure of a cigar. The aroma
    is lovely and it’s a deeper experience than just the look of it. By the way
    maybe if Edith lit up a cigar with Archie… they’d have grown closer? and
    she wouldnt have done all that whining Awwchie 😉

  3. @waters2100 cigar smoke isn’t inhaled although yes, there is still some
    kind of increased cancer risk for regural smokers

  4. IT STINKS!! unhealthy!! CANCER STICKS. whats the point in smoking a
    telegraph pole?

  5. women are not to smoke cigars. Its a mans thing dammit and its tradition.
    All in the family did you ever see edith smoke archys cigars hell no why?
    cuz its for men and shall remain that way. So yeah USA sucks i live here
    now and cuban cigars are illegal. I hate that we cant buy a product because
    politions dont like a country.

  6. @waters2100 Smoking is not the only thing that gives you cancer you know!
    Do you live in an oxygen tent or something absolutely terrified of getting
    your precious body polluted? People like you are pathetic! I bet you spend
    every day of your existence worried about your health thus not really
    living at all! The truth be told, cigar smokers can live well into their
    80s and older; the only reason you are so anti smoking is because you don’t
    like the smell!

  7. boliva all the way, come on girls, cigars for women

  8. Religion is bad for your health

  9. Love cigars. I smoke them mostly alone. You’ll never see me in a cigar bar
    hanging out with men or anything like that… that is raaaaaaaare. But
    alone on a warm summer’s night over looking the city skyline from my
    balcony.. cmon that feeling is untouchable. Cohiba baby X

  10. Smoking is bad for your health.

  11. @Andyhinds “the only reason you are so anti smoking is because you don’t
    like the smell! ” And is that a bad reason?

  12. Cigars are for men to smoke. Cock is for women to smoke. That’s how it is,
    and that’s how it should always be.

  13. mmm kissing an ashtray

  14. @waters2100 Premium cigars are not inhaled, therefore lung cancer isn’t
    really relevant to this video, in fact its about as relevant as talking
    about lung cancer on a toothpaste advert….

  15. Hmmm are these rolled on the thighs of virgin males?(As opposed to the
    Cuban Cigars rolled on the thighs of Cuban Virgins)If so,you might want a
    supply of Dental Floss for this very limited offer. 😛

  16. agreed 110%

  17. There are more internal restrictions in Cuba than most stupid Canadians
    even care to count. To have those slavish and economically inept
    Stalinists, who have ruined Cuba, accuse USA of not doing business with
    them is utter shameless considering that they don’t permit a market economy
    in Cuba. After all, isn’t capitalism the culprit of all, (for the slaved
    population, not them) fuck them. I see, the soviet subsidies are gone and
    they need a way to pay off the minions running the sect-camp…

  18. 4th comment!

  19. I want more women cigar smokers too.

  20. Disgusting

  21. Ther’s nothing like a woman sucking on a phalis simble.

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