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Crux Bull & Bear Cigar Review Challenge!

Posted by in Cigar Review

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In the Cigars Daily Nation we like to cut loose and have fun once in a while with a cigar review challenge. This week we’re going to see if a bull and bear can actually be friends.

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  1. I don't think so bull like cigars lol

  2. Tim you keep upping these challenges, I know you might not look forward to the next one haha, but I can't wait! Keep it up man!

  3. Tim gotta say, Big Cahoneys. That was awesome. I already ordered my sampler and can't wait to lite up. Keep up the good work.

  4. Ahh you know me so well .or in a kilt 🎶

  5. Putting this cigar on my list to get but I ain't getting on no bull! LOL

  6. Lol.😁 Thanks for being so entertaining Tim. I'm gonna pick some up from Cigars Daily soon as I get a chance.

  7. What about sky diving in an adult dyper.good luck getting it light but it would be fun.

  8. shout out to the guy who films a video sitting on a bull.

  9. You will not find any other channel like this! The great SmokeViking always with a smile on his face! Even while riding a bull! Thanks to you, i got into cigars! Cheers from Poland!

  10. This video is fucking awesome. I just ordered the Bull and Bear and can’t wait to smoke it I LOVE a 60 ring gauge. Bull and Bear is an accounting term for up and down as the market goes up and down. So maybe it could result in the flavor ups and downs no clue can’t wait to try. How’s your back feeling?

  11. You’re insane but that’s why you’re the best!!

  12. Make certain never to stop your medication again. LOL Damn good job.

  13. Your challenge videos never disappoint lol. Also looking forward to Obrigado hitting the shelves!

  14. Might be easier to ask, is there anything you WON’T do to sell a cigar?! 😂😂 Great video Tim! Keep it up!

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