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Crookedbeard Box-Pressed / Alpha Release (Name Dana’s Cigar)

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Crookedbeard Alpha Box Sampler


crookedbeardaz – Bradley
tntcigars – Dana

crookedbeardaz – Bradley – Dana

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  1. Not to bust you guys, but A LOT of cigars on your website are constantly sold out, why?

  2. Dana's blend will be…infused….. lolololol

  3. One of my original favorites was a cigar by My Father called La Duena…. maybe Dana's cigar could be "La Dana" or "Esta es Dana"

  4. How about "The Dana Deliciosa" Trust me, this is the winner!

  5. It’s almost as if many of the guys on here have never seen an attractive female before. We get it. “Dana is hot.” How many times must it be said? 🙄😏😜

  6. Dana’s cigar should be called the half pint!
    Especially since she’s not into really strong cigars!!

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