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CroMagnon Fomorian Cigar Review **Rare and Limited**

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RoMa Craft is one of the hottest brands anywhere. The Fomorian is one of their highly sought after rare and limited blends. Lets see if it measures up to the hype!

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  1. So what's the most chocolate flavored cigar

  2. Great review, Tim. And I gotta say – the video resolution is off-the-charts sharp! It almost looks 3-D on my large PC monitor. Keep up the great work – really dig these reviews!! -Bruce

  3. You ever going to do a collaboration video with Bradley?

  4. I just ordered 5 of these and a box of the genetic deformity! Super excited to smoke them

  5. i would love to see a review of a oliva connecticut review!!

  6. What lighter are you using?

  7. I would have to say this my favorite candela wrapper cigar. Go Tim! Go RoMa Craft!

  8. Might have to grab this deal. I like the candela wrapper too. Great video Tim. Have a great day.

  9. Love you Tim. I miss brad😔 don’t worry I wrote the same thing on his channel.
    Love you brad we miss Tim 😂😂😂

  10. LOL @ the funky ash at the end 😂

  11. I'd like to come to your shop but I live in the UK plus you don't deliver to UK

  12. Are desktop humidors worth the money?

  13. Awww everytime when I am on the airplane……3rd

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