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Crémo Capa Caliente Toro Cigar Review

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The contest has ended, winner announced on the site ‘mannyjen’ Crémo Capa Caliente Toro Cigar Review This 6×52 stick features a very dark brown firm, dry sli…



  1. Awesome review, check it out.

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    call the police on non-emergent line. It is only a matter of time until a
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  6. Your neighbor runs a lawnmower in the dark? Why? It sounds like a turboprop
    aircraft. 🙂 Kind of funny in the video in a way. You handle it well.

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  10. 428 from YouTube. Sounds like a fine, fine stick!

  11. 308…….Like the rifle/remedy for the punk riding the weed-eater

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  22. You don’t want to be that neighbor

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  26. 387, Youtube. Love the reviews!

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  28. call the cops (or home owner’s association) on your neighbor

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  43. 302 YouTube! 🙂 keep up the awesome reviews! They’ve helped me countless
    times when it comes to picking my sticks!

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