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Cornell & Diehl Opening Night Pipe Tobacco Review

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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Impression of one the best tobaccos available on the market today.
Cornell and Diehl’s Opening Night Pipe Tobacco


  1. I'm not entirely convinced that this blend exists! Sounds too magical to be true!

  2. Damn sun, pumping the vids out. As am I, its nice. Keep them coming. Love it!!! Quality production. Be well brotha.

  3. Will we even both be around in ten years for me to give you my opinion? I am sold on C&D though.

  4. I agree. Opening night is really good.

  5. jesus !!!the posters are different!!!!

  6. Better than Tades mixed flake????

  7. "middling"! Have you considered doing tobacco reviews in public?

  8. You should review Cajun Kake from C&D, love the stuff. Red Virginias and Perique. Would love your extremely valued opinion on that.

  9. You changed up the posters in the background!!! Threw me off mang! Lol

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