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Cornell & Diehl Blockade Runner Pipe Tobacco Review

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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C&D Blockade Runner is a Navy Crumble Cake Tobacco


  1. Hi Tade, not tried this one, as I live in the UK some blends I miss out on. Just received an order from Pipes & Cigars with some interesting blends. I ordered some Granger, man this stuff is good, could be a good all day smoke (maybe). Will let you know about the tobacco I ordered (mainly G L Pease) If you want any blends sending to you let me know my E Mail is .  Anyway keep the great reviews coming, happy smokes,     Kev.

  2. When will you show us your vinyl collection?

  3. Hmmm my go to is Gaw&Hogg Rum Twist lol

  4. I eat prescription peanut butter. Its strong stuff!! Blockade runner has a hefty nic hit. Its good but can be harsh.

  5. Oh Yes, Peter Pan & Jif ,can't do without using PnB ,once you get used to PB, there no way back, did you gave a review for Mc Barens Old Dark Fired in past,by any chance?It would be interesting to hear you reviewing that or Amphoras, and now,Have a great start of this week and be Well, Greets Paul

  6. When are you going to show us what's in your refrigerator?!

  7. I really enjoy Black Frigate and Canal boat but every time I think to add this to my order they are out. I will get to it sooner or later.

  8. Will you do a lunch/tobacco pairing soon?  What pairs well with an OTC bologna?

  9. Really enjoy Cornell and Diehl Blends. I like to see you do reviews on Constellation and a review on Star of the East.. Thank you and keep it Lit. God Bless

  10. Love Peter Pan PB too! Great review, my friend! I too love the classic tin art.

  11. At this rate you will have every tobacco in the Universe reviewed

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