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Cordoba And Morales Grand Solomone Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Cordoba And Morales Grand Solomone Cigar Review This was originally uploaded by mistake with the wrong reference tot he cigar. The video has been corrected w…


  1. About $20 each when you buy a box of 10.
    Can’t find any singles unfortunately.

  2. I’d be more embarrassed about licking “tar balls”

  3. How much do these cost?

  4. i know that 1:40 feel

  5. We all make mistakes .. mine was retrying the cusano p1 🙂

  6. Does he say, “because I was quite drunk; very long cigar” at 7:02?

  7. Shit happens…. Half of us probably wont see one anyways due to the
    limited production lol

  8. why do the crickets stop as SOON as you stop talking?

  9. You never said what “stuff” happens with a tapered tip. The tapered time
    was advantageous for you when recut to remove the tar, which you would not
    have been able to do with a standard parejo.

  10. LOL

  11. Hey, I know you mentioned a few times in other reviews that you dislike
    perfectos and other figurado shapes. I was smoking a Gurkha Centurion and
    the wrapper just fell apart on me. I didn’t cut the cap as it was already
    open. Is that a problem with perfectos or is that something I’m doing?

  12. I don’t know much about cigars… I’m only just getting into them…. But
    that looks expensive.

  13. I like the torpedo’s because they have a better feel in the mouth. It is
    just more comfortable.I have yet to run into a horrible unravel though.

  14. im pretty sure he said “because I was quite enjoying it”

  15. What is your all time favorite cigar?

  16. you should do a sosa cigar

  17. Wrongggggggggg

  18. looks good! It is almost too pretty to smoke!

  19. youve go the tar on your lips i noticed lol good vid tho

  20. it looks like something that a scrapbooking club would make

  21. I don’t have facebook or twitter.. But your reviews are fantastic. Keep up
    the good work!

  22. Really appreciate your honest opinion on cigars ! as a newbie to cigars , I
    always look to your opinion . I think everyone gets different tastes and
    experiences out of what they taste and smoke… I think what it comes down
    to is…How much did you enjoy it ! …. ever thought about giving a score
    to the cigars you try ?? Wayne

  23. He has some tar on his lip

  24. That cigar is truly a art piece in itself. I would have to have two because
    smoking one and not having another to admire would be sad.

  25. Clever ending

  26. where can i get one of those?

  27. bet that thing is at least 20 30 bucks each but i want one

  28. Well i love the Widow Maker and Evil. But the centurion perfecto fell apart
    both times i had one.

  29. That sound cutoff when you showed the detail in the beginning was awkward XD

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