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Conneticut School Shooting Thoughts….Good People Always Pay

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What I mean by the title is the good law abiding gun owning citizens WILL yet again pay for the crimes commited by the bad people laws will be changed not so…

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  1. Good video. I agree with most everything you said. However, I support
    Obama, but I am not for gun control, and I’d bet there are many like me. I
    grew up plinking and hope to purchase my first gun soon. I plan to
    responsibly teach my sons to shoot and respect guns, and have started them
    with airsoft and bb guns. I am not into self protection, but respect those
    who are. Thanks again for the balanced video.

  2. Burden of proof is on you, because you claimed semi-autos are banned. So
    you, *YOU* find me proof that semi autos are banned. You won’t find it, I
    know our gun laws almost by heart and we don’t ban semi autos. Even my
    father had one.

  3. I agree with you 100%

  4. ahh the liberty mantra.. the right to bear arms doesn’t save people’s
    lives, it is the reason why there are so many homicides in the US

  5. “In Portugal, private possession of semi-automatic assault weapons is
    permitted only with special authorisation.” “In Portugal, private
    possession of handguns (pistols and revolvers) is permitted only with
    special authorisation” I guess you and your friends have special

  6. You do realize you are arguing with children right? How does anyone get
    such an arrogance about them because they know more than a 13 year old. I
    honestly hope you are telling the truth about leaving this country.

  7. No reason to have a “arsenal”, or gun collection? What a idiot you are. I
    collect guns, so does my whole family. Too bad that scares wimpy people
    like you. But people like me aren’t giving up shit cause of people like who
    who are stupid enough to blame massacres on inanimate objects. Fuck you and
    you’re way of thinking. The 2nd amendment keeps pussies like you free to
    voice you’re wimpy, pointless and restrictive thoughts. Good day, pusscake.

  8. >gun is much more deadly We’re talking about hypothesis. A complete miss
    with a gun is not deadly – it didn’t hit anyone. You can’t claim that a
    gunshot injury in the same place a knife caused a wound is more deadly. >M4
    type carbine That’s not an M4. M4s have the M because of the military
    designation. For it to be a M4 it would have to be produced FOR the armed
    forces and have the select fire ability.

  9. I don’t think people like me will lose this fight, Americans will not
    disarm cause of liberal bleeding hearts like you and your hero Piers
    Morgan. Go hide in you’re closet, pussy.

  10. nice respect for other peoples beliefs and cultures….your so stuck in
    subjectivity all u can see is 1% out of 100%… and u may rationalize me as
    whatever u like, if u have a problem with me or what i say that is your
    problem.. feel free to reply if u’d like to have an intelligent rational
    debate, instead of insulting me and siting emotion as your only defense.

  11. There aren’t millions against guns, just little pussies like you who are
    scared of inanimate objects. What else are you scared of, cars? Baseball
    bats? Should we ban those? You’re a moron. Grow the fuck up, quit attacking
    other peoples rights because you’re scared.

  12. I wouldn’t spend to much time and effort on this individual

  13. So basically you’re admitting that you’re my bitch. That figures. Have fun
    living in your shithole country. Good luck with laws school homo, since you
    don’t know shit about laws.

  14. for one thing the USA is democratic republic unlike the uk which is a

  15. your problem in the us is “that you dont know who is crazy and who not” yes
    exactly. and there is no problem with some kind of system to check that.
    that is not fascist or socialist. you live in a societey of human people,
    and you always have an obligation to the people around you. in this case
    the obligation is to insure, that you are not a danger to people around
    you. and that is nothing you should be alowed to “check for yourself”, but
    this should be done by medical trained specialists.

  16. They are going completely disarm america, kiss your grandpas duce-duce good
    bye or fight for your rights

  17. Unfortunately that’s the way I wish it would work in the US so kids don’t
    have to be murdered.

  18. You should be thinking about the constitution, you gun grabbing communist

  19. I hope you are kidding and that you don’t actually believe that.

  20. Hmm, Norway comes to mind …… Seems guns were illegal there also.

  21. I speak of all firearms, not just assault rifles. And the cost of freedom?
    “Oh no, I can’t just walk into a store and leave 5 minutes later with an
    assault rifle! My freedom is so violated and infringed!” How laughable to
    think people actually feel that way. >Murrica, home of the free and the
    brave. Lol. If only you knew how laughable that is.

  22. That’s not actually true, only a cpl were killed but more wounded. I am a
    gun owner and am against new gun laws but making false arguments does not
    help our cause. Please use facts.

  23. My mom said we shouldn’t have access to 30 round mags because they make the
    weapon automatic, I told her to stop talking out of her ass and do some

  24. Hey Jeff how have you paid so far for Sandy Hook?

  25. you do. you took time to reply to my comment just to say “who the f—-
    cares”. obviously you care.

  26. i know this sounds crazy for a lot of americans. but we live in the time
    of civilized societies, that means that you have not just rights, but also
    obligations. a lot!

  27. QualityCompare I agree 100% with you

  28. That being said, I dont see any possible use for an assult rifle capable of
    carrying that many rounds. You dont hunt with it. ‘Self defense’ can be
    accomplised with an ordinary hand gun unless you cant aim. If there is any
    point im missing into why assult rifles shouldnt be banned please explain
    so I can have a better opinion on this issue.

  29. just remember you would be speaking German if not for america due to both
    world war one and two so you should be thanking the strongest military in
    the world not ridiculing it its people like you that make this world such a
    shit hole not Americans people who judge just because of where you were

  30. Belgium has that exact right too. Just because it isn’t call the 1st
    amendment doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

  31. if we ban something because people CAN do something bad with it, soon u
    will need a license to own a hammer…. can you honestly say your okay with
    that? or do u like some people on this planet, want to advance this society
    beyond reward and punishment systems for being right and wrong… for
    people to be able manifest their own morality, and understanding, respect
    and compassion, not because its right… but because it what they WANT to
    do. u think we live in a world of fear, look at yourself.

  32. checked the online shop he says….lolol0llol0lol

  33. Cars are not meant to kill, neither are books or forks, comparing guns to
    these purposeful objets is “idiotic”. If that is the best you can come up
    with for defending your second amendment, then you are but a fool and will
    lose your fight.

  34. Always interesting to see how 2nd amendment supporters are often so blind
    to the 1st amendment. Free speech idiot. I can say whatever I want and
    you’ll just have to deal with it. So no, I’m not “shutting the fuck up”.
    I’m just amused to see you people get so mad and frustrated because you
    know that you’re going to have to give up more and more of your 2nd
    amendment privileges. I’m not usually one to support infringements of
    rights, but what can I say? You seem to deserve it.

  35. And saying things like “semi-automatic rifles are legal pretty much
    everywhere in the world” really isn’t helping your case. It’s only
    reinforcing your blatant ignorance on this matter.

  36. You don’t even live here so STFU. No one cares about your opinions.

  37. Cars and Aeroplanes kill people, let’s ban those too, oh and knives, Heavy
    books, forks.. This is a pure stupidity to blame “guns” since this man were
    on a record for mental “illness” he tried getting guns from local
    gunstore… 8…Times, not a single time they we’re willing to get him any
    weapons… It’s not guns that kill, it’s the idiotic and psychopatic
    persons that do. Let’s point the direction towards mental care. rather than
    saying, Car’s kill people so let’s ban them..

  38. Ah yes, people like Marioag20, who seems to have the intellect (and
    spelling capabilities) of a 9 year old child, will not stand for it. It’s
    kind of cute that you think that will matter really. Look around you and
    face it, you’re slowly losing these privileges, much to my approval and
    amusement. So please, do continue bitching and whining on youtube. Why not
    insult me some more while you’re at it too? Because, I mean, I’m sure this
    will protect your rights! You really are laughable.

  39. Bushmaster XM-15 M4? I don’t think you understand firearms at all,
    Bushmaster doesn’t make an XM model that’s purely military designation it’s
    nearly impossible for civilians to get a hold of actual Military Grade
    Rifles legally, and another side note this cowardly shooter didn’t use the
    rifle he had he left it in the vehicle and only took the handguns know the
    facts before making blanketed statements

  40. >zero-tolerence gun control That’s exactly why the 2nd Amendment was
    created, to perpetuate itself. The second amendment is only needed until
    someone tries to take it away. How do you want to employ zero-tolerance gun
    control on 300 million firearms, most of which are unregistered? How do you
    want to prevent illegal manufacture of guns? (Australian gangs have made
    their own submachien guns)

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