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Conceal and Carry…Always? (ft. Atabey Humidor Jar)

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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  1. Always carry, the criminal chooses where to be, not you. when you need it, you wont have it otherwise. I live in an open carry state, i conceal a Glock 26, with a round in the chamber.

  2. Carrying everyday, everywhere with one in the chamber.

  3. Could you start putting the names of the cigars you're smoking and your rating for them in the description?

    newish cigar smoker here looking to expand my palette

  4. I have learned from experience and dangerous situation already that a gun does save a person;s life more than you may think. When someone is approaching me as a threat, I just show turn my good side (show them my .45) towards them and it does instantly change their mind every time, and it is still in my holster I don't even have to take it out. I never pull a firearm on a human unless I am committed to the next step of pulling the trigger and stopping the threat immediately, it's the way I was raised and works very well for me.

  5. Live in Canada, handguns are restricted but I carry a mossberg 500 8 shot 20" barrel while I'm fishing (often with an arturo fuente).

  6. I don't think either is wrong . I believe there's a time and a place to carry but also in Dana's case, if she feels safe always carrying then more power to her. At the end of the day responsibility is what it's all about. As long as the gun owner's a responsible person it's all good. However I respect Tim's reasons for when to carry. Plus even though we live in real life not fantasy, for ME personally I don't want to go into every situation in life thinking that I may need to use a gun. To me that means I'm mentally incarcerated. You're never really free if you feel you need a gun 24/7. Again, each individual can do what makes em happy. Smoke up. Looking to get in on that deal. Nice jars

  7. I carry a 357 revolver also girls shouldn't be cigar smokers cigars are for guys

  8. from someone that lived throughout 2 of the most brutal civil wars always carry and always loaded and chambered. went frm browning hi power to a glock 26 gen 3 then 4. well also carried a russian underfolder ak in the car too…

    i wouldnt carry smaller. Im carrying to prepare for a posible gun FIGHT. and a G26 is the smallest fighting gun out there

  9. Smith and Wesson body guard 380p

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